Tekken 7 will run at 1080p 60FPS on PS4

Tekken Game Director Katsuhiro Harada confirms that Tekken 7 will run at 1080p 60 FPS on PS4, and also rejects worries that Tekken 7 will suffer from input lag on the console.

Sadly there was no word on whether or not the PC version would be locked at 60 FPS.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2907d ago

It shouldnt be. All fighters this gen should be 1080p 60fps

_-EDMIX-_2907d ago

No. That is completely up to the developers discretion

PhantomTommy2907d ago

Who actually down voted this??

Fighting games should always run as 60fps and input lag should be kept to an absolute minimum. This should not be considered an achievement, it should be the standard for the genre.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2907d ago

Yup. Same can be said for Racing, Action and Platformers should be 60fps. 1080p should be much easier to achieve.

andrewsquall2906d ago

I know right? 1080p and 60fps on another Unreal Engine 4 fighting game on PS4.

Lol and if they can get to 720p on Xbone, that will also be an impressive achievement since they couldn't even get past 900p 60fps on the Unreal Engine 3 Mortal Kombat X and it still dropped frames too.

Shineon2906d ago

I know because fighting games can be demanding sometimes its only so much the xbone and ps4 can do

MasterCornholio2907d ago

Like most fighters should. Only exception are those weird monster battle fighter type games. Those usually have a much slower pace so 30FPS is tolerable in them. Shame we haven't had a good one of those in a while.

Movefasta19932907d ago

oh god 30 fps is never tolerable in a fighter game.

Hold_It2907d ago

Yep. Fighting games are designed around 60fps, and so are all the characters moves, frame data, etc.

MasterCornholio2907d ago

I'm specifically referring to those fighter which involve monsters battling each other in a city. Like the last Godzilla game. Those fighters tend to be much slower paced so 60FPS isn't a requirement.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

andrewsquall2906d ago

So like none of the fighting games on Xbone then?

cellfluid2907d ago

I'll wait and see to many times we've been lied to. And tekken always lag online weather it's minor or major.

Darkwatchman2907d ago

Online lag and input lag are different things

DragonDDark2907d ago

Try giving Guilty gear Xrd a chance. It's great. 60fps too.

sadsatan2907d ago

don't think tekken is going to be as popular as street fighter, street is dope

georgenancy2907d ago

tekken will definitely sell more than street fighter though

Savsky2907d ago

Only for the fact that it's more casual friendly.

Eonjay2907d ago


More casual friendly? Tekken is just as, if not more technical than Street Fighter.

Hold_It2907d ago

It probably will be tbh. I'm not against how Street Fighter V is currently, but Tekken will sell more due to the fact that it will have Arcade mode, and more modes for casuals on launch. SFV is pretty casual friendly in the sense that the game is a very honest fighting game that will improve your skills at other fighting games, by making you have to play footsies, and have solid neutral, and good fundamentals, where as MKX and some other fighting games just want you to go in and mash, and armor through everything. At high level play in MKX people don't play footsies or neutral, it's just trampoline jump in with a 50/50, and rinse repeat another 50/50 till they're dead.

Flewid6382907d ago

MKX = mash? lol. I don't even like MK...it's my least favorite fighting game, but even I know that isnt true. lol.

_-EDMIX-_2907d ago

Or that it might be a better game .

people do not play games because of numerical features or a number of modes they play them if they're fun.

Hold_It2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )


You'd be surprised man. The game encourages very bad fundamentals, such as mashing on wakeup, using sweeps as an anti-air, constantly jumping in at your opponent, attacking your opponent with unsafe moves on block, etc. I have played the series for over 15 years, I'm talking from experience, and from also watching high level players such as REO, Perfect Legend, SonicFox, PigOfTheHutt, ChrisG, 16Bit, WoundCowboy, Tom Brady, and others, and from running Pools at CEO for MK for a couple years.

Hold_It2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )


The majority of casuals that don't play fighting games and only buy them because their friends or friends list is buying them, also buy them because of the number of modes. That's one of the main reasons MK sells as well as it does. Plus you have to consider we also live in the gaming gen where not all, but a lot of people prefer quantity over quality. That's not to throw shade at Tekken 7 or any of these other games, but if you have a game with the most godlike netcode possible, and it was a more MP focused game with less SP modes, it wouldn't sell well due to casuals not getting to fight against A.I, or thinking that fighting an AI opponent is going to get them better at playing real people.

Edit: You can mash in MK, and every fighting game. Whether it's effective or not, is an entirely different story, and way to resort to name calling, because you can't bring anything intelligent to the table. I play more than just Capcom games thank you.

ironpatriot3572907d ago

Yea you have no idea what youre talking about as most capcom fools dont, thats why they say mk is so easy then keep getting bodied lmao. You cant even mash in mk its impossible.

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