Is there a conflict of interest between Polygon and Games for Change? Very much so

Less than one hour ago it came to my (Robin Ek, TGG) knowledge that there seems to be a conflict of interest case (four actually) between Polygon and Games for Change. So here´s my take on the matter.

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TGG_overlord1814d ago

Well, Polygon has been doing stuff like this for years.

mikeboccher1814d ago

and microsoft sponsors them too......

Masterchief_thegoat1814d ago

Polygon is legend in making... It up there with ign as best site to visit. With the support from ms, is a house hold site what it is today. Not site dare to gave the last of us 7 but them. Polygon is for the people

ninsigma1814d ago

So basically you like them because Microsoft give them money and they give lower scores for Sony. Gotcha!

ninsigma1814d ago

Can't read tones I'm afraid xD

TheColbertinator1814d ago

Crecente should have just stayed in Kotaku. That way I could just block one site instead of 2.

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