Molyneux: Fable II Is A "9 Out of 10"

Peter Molyneux recently remarked in Xbox World 360 that he was super-pleased with how Fable II has turned out, saying:

"I'd rate it a 9 out of 10… It's the best, most complete game I've ever worked on."

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P4KY B3704d ago

Populous II on XBLA.

that would be a multiplayer hit for sure

MK_Red3704d ago

I think EA holds the rights to that since they were the ones that ate Bullfrog (And destroyed it).

Montrealien3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Ea Ate Bullfrog, as in Peter cashed in and bailed out right?

Populous 2 in any download form would be great though.

mikeslemonade3703d ago

This is proof that Microsoft rushed Moleneux to make Fable 2 come out this year. From the short single playe main story and him saying it's only 9 out 10.

Ice2ms3703d ago

people there should be no 10/10 games.(Ok MGS 4 is perfection incarnate) But GTA -No way ! Did halo 3 get 10s I cant remember but if it did it deserves high 8s or 9s. Seriously Im looking forward to fable 2 but if Molyneux goes off and says its perfect and in a reviewers OPINION it isnt then he will look bad ... like Dyack (And soon to be Brian Bright but thats another days story)

MK_Red3703d ago

Montrealien, that's one way to look at it but in the end, Bullfrog is no more...

Horny3703d ago

i miss bullfrog, some of my favorite franchises Dungeon Keeper and Populous are gone

Uncommon Calibur3703d ago

MGS4 is not perfection incarnate, fanboy...

get over yourself and play another game.


THANK YOU! I bought it over the weekend and unless you're the ultimate Snake fanboy it isn't very are awesome but thats about it..i mean im about 2 hours into it and i've played MAYBE 10 mins of actual game..Fvck MGS4!

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keanerie3704d ago

sounds pretty accurate to me

Fishy Fingers3704d ago

While I hope Molyneux is right and Fable 2 is everything we want it to be, but I'm not sure how you can claim it's an accurate score when you haven't played the game.

Idonthatejustcreate3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Yeah I think this game will be rated around 9 and maybe some 10s but imo they should have made the game more like an open world and less running in a narrow path :P

In every trailer of Fable 2 you see two people running in a trail of golden dust untill monsters comes up and they fight them for 5 minutes before they start runing along the golden trail again. Maybe it's just that they have filmed all trailers at the same place but if the game is like that all the time I won't bother hyping it to my friends.

nirwanda3703d ago

It's completely open world you can go wherever you want the golden breadcrumb trail always leads to the main quest path because there is no map, you can swim across lakes climb over any fences and there are no invisible walls or barriers to stop you going anywhere and there are hidden sidequests all over the place.

Alvadr3703d ago

Really looking forward to this one have high expectations for it... I DLd Fable1 from XBLA to psyche myself up for release :)

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FreestyleBarnacle3704d ago

That's what Spielberg said about War of the Worlds.

dro3704d ago


talk about being iggnorant!!!!


Spydiggity3703d ago

did you actually spell ignorant wrong while saying someone else is ignorant?

Antan3704d ago

Well he`s not going to say its garbage now is he?!