Howard: We are developing The Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda Game Studios producer Todd Howard confirmed, during the YouTube at E3 Livestream, that The Elder Scrolls VI is indeed in development.

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-Foxtrot1131d ago

Valenwood and Elsweyr please

With Summerset Isle as the expansion DLC

They are so close to each other

nX1131d ago

I'm open to anything they come up with. Just hoping that it will have native VR support.

Movefasta19931131d ago

most likely, since f4 is getting it

Darkwatchman1130d ago

You'll complain when elder scrolls 6 isn't the same as 5

-Foxtrot1130d ago

You tried to do a funny but hilariously failed for not making sense

*slow clap*

Oh good that's still working

ZaWarudo1129d ago

@Darkwatchman Oops, i meant to upvote you. Mybad.

ZaWarudo1131d ago

I'm up for Hammerfell/ Highrock, Valenwood or Summerset Isle.

Horseygamer1131d ago

it should be a add on to ps4 skyrim me thinks

Kratos19811131d ago

What a stupid thing to say!

NotanotherReboot1131d ago

Please make the quests and factions interesting like in Oblivion. they were so bland and forgettable in Skyrim

vickers5001130d ago

Forgettable? I remember all of them!

Go into dungeon, kill dragon lord wizard, loot, rinse repeat.

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