10 Most Anticipated Upcoming Games Exclusive to Xbox

NoobFeed Editor Joshua Burt writes - There are so many titles that will be coming to Xbox in the next coming years. But there are some that quite simply stand head and shoulders from the rest of the pack. These 10 games will be available exclusively on the Xbox (and PC of course) and they are truly some of the most highly anticipated games in the entire games industry.

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darthv72768d ago

Perfect Dark, Fable and Hellblade 2 are the ones Im looking forward to.

1Victor768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

Do they even have 10 /🌽JK
Btw when was elder scroll announced exclusive to Xbox? Did I missed something

gamer9768d ago

All Bethesda games will be console exclusive, except existing agreements they already had in place such as Deathloop

iplay1up2768d ago

Elder Scrolls next game will be Xbox and PC only.


SullysCigar768d ago

I thought ALL xbox games were on PC now, so there were no more exclusives?

For me, it's just Hellblade 2 I'm interested in at the moment, based off the first game, but it would be nice to see more after all this time.

gamer9768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

Yes anytime xbox exclusive is mentioned they mean console exclusive.

Old McGroin768d ago


I think you can take it that if someone mentions that an Xbox game is exclusive it means it won't appear on PlayStation.

gamer9768d ago

God of War is on PC, should we remove if from the list of best Playstation exclusives?

SullysCigar768d ago

^ @gamer9, of course you should. If it's on PC it's multiplaform now, just like all xbox games.

It was exclusive for 4 years on PlayStation, but it's not anymore. You've got to be consistent.

beefynachos768d ago

"Btw when was elder scroll announced exclusive to Xbox? Did I missed something"
Have you been living under a rock?

onisama768d ago


so does sony games now are lunching on PC ... bu xbox Exclusive means MS platforms (windows,xbox,cloud gaming)

onisama768d ago


Not sure about what a PS exclsuive means tho its a PS game on microsoft platform.... Feels weird spelled weird... You want me to make a list for you for all the PS exclsuives in pc?

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Lightning77768d ago

Might want to hold off your expectations for Fable and Perfect Dark. I don't think we'll see anything Perfect Dark related but I can see a in engine fly by camera in Fable. Showing off the world, but that's as far as that goes though.

Old McGroin768d ago

All the talk of Golden Eye recently had me imagining a Perfect Dark and James Bond crossover. Will never happen but would be pretty cool.

darthv72768d ago (Edited 768d ago )

I dont have any expectations other than when they are ready, they are ready. Maybe you misunderstood this piece? It's just about upcoming games in general. So regardless of their release dates, they are still the ones im looking forward to.

DOMination-768d ago

It's been confirmed already that neither Perfect Dark nor Fable will be at the show

thesoftware730768d ago

Hellblade 2, Avowed, Gears 6, Starfield, and PD.

There is more but I'll leave it at that.

ABizzel1768d ago

I'm hoping they skip Gears 6 for now and launch a New IP first.

thesoftware730768d ago

I would not mind that, but I'm a big Gears fan..so I would not complain.

RedDevils767d ago

I'm surprise people still interest in Gears.

Gunstar75767d ago

Hivebusters was excellent as was gears 5.

Could do with updated combat though

monkey602768d ago

Hellblade is the only must have right now. Not that there won't be more, I'm actually really excited to see Redfall, Indiana Jones, Fable and Avowed and State of Decay 3. I just think the idea of saying they are must have games when we haven't seen ANYTHING from them outside of a CG reveal trailer is ridiculous.
My expectations for Perfect Dark and Everwild are also kept very low given the issues developers are having. Theres also rumours of Playground suffering with Fable which I hope aren't true.

bleedsoe9mm768d ago

They have so much great stuff coming 1st and 2nd party. How do you pick just 10

Crows90768d ago

Pretty easy when there's nothing we've actually seen gameplay of.

Eonjay768d ago

The only PC/Xbox game I'm interested in is State of Decay 3. And yes I realize we haven't seen gameplay. I'm just expecting it to be better than State of Decay 2 which was already fun for me dispite its flaws.