Elder Scrolls Director Wants to See More Reactivity in Open World Games Rather Than Greater Scale

Elder Scrolls Director Todd Howard recently said he'd like to see more reactivity in open world games, rather than scale for scale's sake, going forward.

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Ezio204853d ago

Just fix your damn engine

Nuvem53d ago

Better get a whole new engine.

ZeroBlue253d ago

Really, it's long overdue.

52d ago
potatoseal53d ago

It's actually really REALLY great news that Todd is saying this. Skyrim had a massive world and was hugely successful. So to hear him say this is music to my ears. Bigger is not better anymore, in regards to open world games. I also can't imagine what more 'reactivity' would mean in the games, but I'm excited to find out.

Quality over quantity should be a mandate for all developers in open-world games going forward. Make less but give these activites more depth. Majorly cut down on collectibles. Find a way to push the open-world genre forward in exciting and innovative ways.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla, '388 Wealth, 233 Mysteries, 161 Artifacts'
- Majority are mind-numbingly boring and easy. No depth to most of them and require no skill to get. Boring busy work. Just open-world filler.

Breath Of the Wild... 900 Korok Seeds? 120 shrines? NO.

Collectibles and things like that are ok, just don't have so damned many.
Side quests are fine, just don't have so damned many and make them more meaningfull. Give them more depth. Quality over quantity.

Rocketisleague53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

He's been saying what people.want to hear for years...havent you heard of radiant ai? Don't listen to his shite

Bethesda are the ones falling behind on this, they're the biggest offenders! The have reduced their reactivity and variety for.years, while.other devs games interesting. I mean Jesus, skyrim is one of the least reactive open.worlds going.

You're the dragonborn, you muder a king no.reaction.or consequences in the game. I mean.jese, fallout new Vegas destroys any Bethesda game in this regard

Guaranteed the next elder scrolls another rehash, probably even less an rpg than skyrim. That's their trend. Big talk no delivery

Edit: lol, they are still using the same engine for next gen? Really? REALLY!?

Here's a reference video
Oblivion e3, presenting a scripted sequence as a new ai system.

Don't make me pull out skyrim

potatoseal53d ago

Well I hope he's not full of it.

RgR53d ago

Radiant ai had it's issues. They had to tone it back if I remember correctly.

GottaBjimmyb53d ago

So literally being able to pickup and interact with every item in a game is the "least reactive game?" Ok...

Rocketisleague52d ago

Moving a spoon across the room is reactive lol

Consequences for your decisions Any one? It's that what younwant in your rpgs?

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Zeref53d ago

Shrines aren't collectibles though, their more like side missions.

potatoseal53d ago

Yeah I know... and there's too many of them.

zacfoldor53d ago

Actually, BotW shrines are by far the best part of the game, imho. IMHO, you shouldn't just group BotW in with those generic open world games but not even mention Horizon, just saying. Even if you don't like BotW, it is hard to say that it isn't very different than generic crap spoon fed to us as AA games. It is very different, and imho, way way better, but I understand that not everyone agrees.

Also, I believe reactivity means the world reacts to your behaviors or actions. Imagine if when you choose to be a vampire the world changes to perpetual night and you can't go into towns and stuff like that. It adds weight to your decisions and makes your game unique vs all others. Not just one quest, but the whole world changes.

--Onilink--53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Well, if anything BoW had a very good approach to Korok seeds. You only really need like 1/4 of them to get the upgrades, making the act of hunting them down less of a chore in tracking a specific number of items in very specific locations (which usually requires you to get a guide) and instead being bombarded with so many options of how to find them that anywhere you look there is probably one.

If anything, my biggest issue with the seeds was that it was inventory that was tied to them and Hetsu moving around the map in a specific pattern went against an approach of tackling things in any order

Also, the shrines are mini dungeons and other than the combat related ones, they were all different and with several types of rewards, why would want less of them?

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Sunny1234553d ago

Quality over quantity. I mean that should have been always the motto. How is this news?

Duke1953d ago

This reminded me of WatchDogs: Legion. A big map - but nothing to it imo. Just felt like the same reused stuff over and over again with little substance to the space.

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