First Forza Horizon 3 Details Leaked, 30FPS On Xbox One And 60FPS On PC

ThisGenGaming writes, "In light of the recent leaks we’ve been getting with regards to other major games, Forza Horizon 3 has also had some interesting details unwillingly leaked by a credible source Ekim, from a popular gaming forum NeoGAF.

From what we know, the game will involve more variety than ever before, and PC users will be graced with 6o FPS while we believe console users will have a cap of 30, however he didn’t directly confirm this but his wording seemed to clarify the question."

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poppinslops2962d ago

This barely qualifies as information...

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Thefreeman0122962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

The video was just badly edited FH2 footage

Edit: only on n4g can you get downvotes for pointing out the truth.. the video was literally FH2 content with clip art text

GameNameFame2962d ago

Also, ofc PC is 60 fps.

but more interesting information is that it is on PC... MS is really weakening value of Xbox by giving away so many exclusives.

Eidolon2962d ago

I don't get the disagrees, GNF, MS is really giving people a reason to buy a PC and not an XB1. And yes, PC is upgradable, games scale depending on what you want to spend.

poppinslops2962d ago

I obtained a decent PC via my old IT job, but the only games I've ever used it for were Hotline Miami 2 (banned in Australia), the first Witcher and Fez (console version was never properly finished)... When I'm not using it for typing (like now), it's basically just the thing my XO sits on - though I expect Xbox's incoming M&K support will bring an end to that.

I haven't even checked to see if my PC copy of Quantum Break works - getting the Witcher to run was a huge pain in the arse (Valve/steam were no help) and I ended up being forced to run it at minimum settings (despite exceeding the minimum reqs by a considerable margin)... I'm not going through that with an even more demanding title, regardless of any improvements over the console version.

It's not that I don't see the benefits of PC gaming, I just don't think they're worth the effort, let-alone the cost... Give me Scorpio with a Shirley Bassey bond-theme.

"Scorpioooooo... he's got power, he's got class"
"Scorpioooooo... he's 'the beast', he's the best!"
Dun dah dunnah dunana... SOLD!!!

GameNameFame2961d ago


I call BS on all that. PC games has been made easy for a while now. Everything is pretty much plug and play.

Including game settings. Nvidia and AMD both has their "self optimize" settings which they use actual data of other PCs of same spec to optimize your game settings.

I think you like to say those incorrect statements to make your self feel better about console that is weaker and has far less exclusives

poppinslops2961d ago

@Game: Believe what you like... it's not as though anyone on N4G gives any credit to your opinions.

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Eonjay2962d ago

Actually the most compelling thing about these stories is that everything is being leaked early. Its just starting to feel like why even have a show if everything gets leaked early. Its even worse than last year.

poppinslops2962d ago

Yeah, Shinobi's been on the warpath of late... he's the only one I actually believe.
This particular 'leak' appears to be little more than a barely-educated guess.

The early announcements don't bother me - E3 still has a spectacular quality, and there's always a few surprises... if anything, I'm more impressed that people ever managed to keep any of this stuff secret.

Rude-ro2962d ago

It's not like everything leaking is not expected. Everybody knew this game was coming.

KiwiViper852962d ago

Ye this is definitely a fake leak for clicks.

I'll definitely see you there tho. Race to 1000Gs?

poppinslops2962d ago

"You're on motherflipper" - Eagle vs Shark... Gotta say, I'm still hoping these Australia rumors pan out - they're not going away or being debunked, in any case.

otherZinc2961d ago

Is Gran Turismo Sport 1080p 60fps? I'd like that.

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spicelicka2962d ago

Don't care how it runs, the last one felt amazing. Just gimme the damn game.

christocolus2962d ago

I couldn't agree more. FH2 is the best racer I've played in a while,it is so good even eurogamer said the 30fps was super solid and silky smooth. If FH3 is anything like FH2 then fans have every reason to be excited. It's going to be another top quality racer from the wizards at Playgorund games.

fatsodubmo2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

"Wizards"...lol. It was a fun game, but lets not get carried away.

XanderZane2962d ago

True.. it's been the best console racing game this gen. Only Forza 6 is any better. The game plays like a dream.

Grap2962d ago

Forza continue to be the best racing series out there.

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MagicBeanz2962d ago

Maybe you should try some other racing games.

Sm00thNinja2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I stand corrected. Game was still great at 30fps it felt smooth enough I enjoyed what little I played and it's open world as opposed to DC which is a pretty linear experience as fantastic as it looks.

MrEnglish2962d ago

Horizon has always been 30 fps, you are confusing it with Forza Motorsport that is 60 fps

Manujito2962d ago

Horizon 2 was 30 fps too and I think it was the first time I didn't feel it in a game. It was extremely smooth and enjoyable.

Hope the 3rd one deliver the same incredible experience I had playing the 2nd one. Can't wait!