The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Definitive Edition Pre Order Goes Up, Could Confirm E3 2016 Reveal

With the recent rumours of a Skyrim remaster being released and announced during E3 2016, some more pretty exciting news has hit the scene, with a website putting up a definitive edition of the game up for sale. A definitive edition is usually released by the initial developer with some form of an update either graphically or in the engine, and with all DLC included, which is why something like this would be a huge thing to go on. The game is due for release on November 23rd, 2016 according to the site.

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lxtrxi1798d ago

I can see it happening considering they managed to get Fallout 4 support for it mods.

Randostar1797d ago

I'm pretty sure that's going to be one of the key features, mod support for consoles on release day.

thekhurg1797d ago

Sad part is, they're charging almost full price for the PC version of the game which is sitting at a comfortable $19.99 on Steam right now.

GG Bethesda

Kingthrash3601797d ago

I've never played day 1 for me!

TheSaint1797d ago

Mods would be the only thing that would encourage me to buy. Played it to death on 360.

crxss1797d ago

gonna pass on this. played this a lot last gen. looking for a new game thanks.

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OldGuyStillGaming1798d ago

November is going to be insanely full of must buy titles

garrettbobbyferguson1797d ago

A remastered re-release of a 6 year old title that was downright full of mediocre at best content is a must buy?

OldGuyStillGaming1797d ago

wow ... You must only play the absolute best AAA games every single day.

What a lucky guy you must be!

Please enlighten us with your fantastic games

ChrisW1797d ago

First off, it's only been 5 years. Secondly, it was pretty darn good... at worst mediocre.

AAWELLS091797d ago

I really wanted to like this but since you don't like it than I cant which really is a bummer for me as I was genuinely looking forward to it. Will you please change your mind? I really wanna play it.

garrettbobbyferguson1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

You seem really upset that I'm calling Skyrim a trash game. If you want to see why it's trash, see my extensive comment below.

Porcelain_Chicken1797d ago

The butthurt is real. Not sure about him but it must really annoy you that he liked the game. And so did, I'll be buying this if it turns out to be a thing. Sorry... boo hoo I guess, :/

OldGuyStillGaming1797d ago

I don't need to read your extensive comment.. I've owned it and played the hell out of it last gen
I'll buy it again over anything you consider a top notch game

Paytaa1798d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Wanna play Skyrim again so bad. Hopefully it truly does come out in November again so I literally relive one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had

Sunny_D1797d ago

If it comes out, then I hope they made it so there are no load times. That was the downside of SKYRIM.

Dragonking0071797d ago

I played it unpatched on ps3 surprisingly there was barely any loading screens i shit you not like max 4 seconds but most of time loaded fast but yes i do agree dont want to see loading screeens and worst part about it fallout 4 had loading screens.....

susanto12281797d ago

on PC with an SSD it's not an issue at all....

Sunny_D1797d ago


Yeah, I remember my friend playing it on his PC back in 2012. It was amazing how everything loaded in less than a second, as well as looking and performing better. But, I'd still prefer a console version.

1797d ago
nitus101797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


Skyrim on the PS3 had what was called the 6MB bug. Once your saves exceeded 6MB usually around 6 to 10 hours into the game the game became painfully slow when your character went in and out of doors or between events which under normal circumstances would be seamless.

What caused this annoyance was the auto-save feature, so the fix this annoyance, when you noticed slowdown was to just turned off all auto and timed saves with possibly the exception of an auto-save every 30 minutes (the game literally froze for about 10 to 20 seconds) to an hour depending what you felt comfortable with. Of course, you could manually save but if you forgot you could lose hours of progress. I don't think this was ever patched.

Other than the 6MB bug the game played fairly seamlessly with the odd slowdown in some fight scenes.


It may come as a shock but you can put an SSD into a PS3 and PS4 as well and get a considerable reduction in loading times. With the PS3 you can quite easily get away with a 120GB SSD's which are fairly cheap. Unfortunately, if you want to use an SSD for your games on PC or PS4 you want a much larger capacity SSD and those are not cheap in comparison to a hard disk drive.

Cueil1797d ago

@Sunny_D Skyrim has native support for Xbox controller

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Mcardle1797d ago

The amount of E3 that has been spoiled this week is beyond ridiculous.

Forn1797d ago

Must be a lot to show at the show though ;-)

_-EDMIX-_1797d ago

lol, well we won't really know just how bad it is until E3 actually is here.

Dragonking0071797d ago

I want to agree but same time i think the amount of e3 news might overshadow these titles and is why theyre deciding to announce before e3

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S-Word1797d ago

Why remaster the worst Elder Scrolls? They could've even chose Oblivion over it. Of course we all know Morrowind would be the best choice for a remaster but you know Bethesda doesn't want to waste time on anything that would actually be good.

Forn1797d ago

I love Norse Mythology, and I love the area that Skyrim takes place in.

JamesBroski1797d ago

Yea, remastering Morrowind would be too long and expensive for them. Quick cash grab with Skyrim Definitive (PC) edition

Dragonking0071797d ago

Dont think its just pc modded up port the game had problems since its outdated engine could fix loading times clanky animations and more engaging gameplay that mods cant fix up due to the in game engine

SunnyZ1797d ago

You should check out SKYWIND then.
They are remaking morrowind using the skyrim engine.

They are making amazing progress, looks fantastic.

SavageFlamingo1797d ago

Why do you consider it the worst?

garrettbobbyferguson1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I can tell you some of my reasons as to why I think it's in general a bad game

-Combat is bland and consists of nothing but stare forward and slash
-Your actions have no effect on the world, you become the head mage of the college? Oh hey, you should go study at that place, I hear they're accepting newbies
-AI were brain dead at times, you could shoot an enemy NPC in the eye with an arrow and he'd dismiss it five seconds later, your follower would constantly get themself killed in some manner
-Dungeons had zero consistency (fresh fruits and burning torches) and were generally copy and pasted assets of each other, all concluding with a boring fight and a switch at the end which brought you right back to the beginning
-Skill trees were tremendously simplified from previous games
-The main story was boring and anti climactic, at one point I didn't care about even completing it
-Exploring wasn't fun because the environments were generally all the same, everywhere, the few unique environments such as the ancient dwarf ruins were copy and pasted everywhere. I got lost at times because everything looked the same
-Crafting and enchanting was broken, I was able to craft weapons that did hundreds of damage
-The game is just downright ugly
-Radiant AI
-Bugs and glitches galore, I remember I had to advance several quests via console because a character wouldn't spawn, or a person I was supposed to kill didn't trigger the next step of the quest
-Stealth was buggy and wonky, somewhere where you thought you'd be perfectly hidden an enemy NPC could easily see you. Other places where they should know you're there they were completely oblivious of your presence

That's off the top of my head. It's been a long time since I regretted playing that game.

Dan_scruggs1797d ago

Worst is a term relative to you. If you look at player base, sales, mod support, and community contribution it's the most popular one by a mile. Several miles in fact.

souldestroyer141797d ago

That's because it's the most streamlined elder scrolls game. Bethesda made it in a way that it appeals to a broader audience. I liked skyrim but I had a much better time with Oblivion.

TheTwelve1797d ago

Amen. Talk about a remaster nobody asked for.

1797d ago
LamerTamer1797d ago

Oblivion sucked, it was the worst. Those annoying gates popping up constantly that were all the same was SO damn repetitive.

Skyrim had dragons, and some of the battles were epic, especially when attacked by two.

nitus101797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The reason why Oblivion sucked for many players was the fact that the leveling system was unusual in the way that as your main level went up so did the levels of all the enemies which meant that you could be a level 20 mage or fighter with relatively low secondary attributes going up against enemies that had much higher stats, weapons and armour.

The only way to fix this imbalance was at the start of the game change all your preferred attributes to secondary attributes while attributes you did not care much for became your primary attributes, however, you still needed to level up but very slowly. This way you could have a level 10 character with many desired attributes up near or at 100.

Yes I am well aware of the difficulty slider which IMHO is basically a cheat although as in the case of Skyrim once you can craft and double buff your weapons and armor (dragon or daedric) there aren't many enemies that can present a challenge so making the game more difficult is much more satisfying.

I definitely agree about the two dragon attack, the first time it happened to me was a real WTF moment.

1797d ago
nitus101797d ago

I could be wrong but I think more people have logged more hours on Skyrim than Morrowind and Oblivion put together. I do agree that a remaster of Morrowind (only came out for Windows and XBox) would probably be a better choice than Skyrim or Oblivion although I wouldn't say no to all three and there goes my social life.

souldestroyer141797d ago

I like Oblivion more too but to remaster that game would be a lot more work. Skyrim is basically already on xb1 that's where they started working on fallout. It's the same engine so it should be pretty easy.

garrettbobbyferguson1797d ago

Why remaster the worst one? Because it's baby's first Elder Scrolls game.

Cueil1797d ago

if we are going to throw wishes out there I want a Daggerfall remake... with no cuts

IIFloodyII1797d ago

Morrowind would require so much more work, it would pretty much have to be completely remade from scratch. And it would also likely sell less than a Skyrim remaster would, so yeah, I can see why they went with Skyrim.

Would definitely buy a Morrowind remake, though.

Blade921797d ago

Oblivion is good but garbage compared to Skyrim. Hush up!

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