Watch_Dogs 2 Trailer Leaked Ahead of Official Reveal, to No One’s Surprise

Raise your hand if you haven’t seen this coming. Watch_Dogs 2 was supposed to be released this afternoon, but instead it go leaked, apparently via a Twitch ad

naruga2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

the art and design teams of Ubisoft must be a bunch of duche guys trying to be cool...completely repelled by the aesthetics/theme /general concept

Abriael2968d ago

I can't say I'm too impressed myself, but I'll wait to see the full thing before judging.

nveenio2968d ago

I lost interest in the first one before it even released, so this one has a lot of proving to do.

RyujiDanma2968d ago

i regret buying the first one, true story

Kryptix2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )


Garbage standpoint you're taking.

It's a trailer which is supposed to build momentum, but it didn't. You can legitimately criticize it if it didn't do anything to hype you up.

You want to see an example of a trailer that got everyone hyped up and it's very similar to this trailer?

...GTA: San Andreas

Amazing music choice, great camera angles, and nice action sequences. The Watch Dogs 2 one looks like it's using cutscene footage and they look terrible for cutscenes.

But, let's be fair, even this 1st teaser was nicely done as a first showing...


"we don't even know what it freaking looks like or plays like yet!"

They didn't show a black screen throughout that trailer. It either looks equal or worse to the cutscenes. And right, like how Watch Dogs 1's looked similar to retail and had no downgrades.

And how it plays like? Nobody was talking about how it plays like... They were talking about how it looked terrible or uninteresting.

"how about you guys all gather and make a game that's better"

*sigh* You do know that...you need millions and millions of dollars for that, right? How about you hook us up with the money and we'll figure something out. And to be honest, it should be better than anything Ubisoft throws out these days. Anyone down on making an open world game with Silence of the Lambs type psychological drama and engrossing characters with me? Like Gotham City, but you're no hero like Batman, just a crooked detective living in a world full of crazy, interesting killers and criminals. With a descriptive narrative like Max Payne... And then, it turns out, you were pulling the strings all along and had a multi personality disorder... Do you kill yourself, turn yourself in, or take the city for yourself? Branching story and so on... Gameplay would be a mix of True Crime: New York City and GTA 5.

Just an idea...

DLConspiracy2968d ago

I get the vibe that they felt they missed the DDOS/ Hack Kids Demographic the first time and decided for a younger approach this time around. Seems pretty typical.

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pecorre2968d ago

This teaser managed to kill my interest in 30 seconds.

pompombrum2968d ago

Pretty much this, I'm actually playing through the original Watch Dogs at the moment for the first time and absolutely loving it but wtf is this rubbish? It looks like it was designed by a bunch of teenage Anonymous fanboys who watched Mr Robot one too many times.

saywat2472968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

just a damn teaser and it's already getting hate! we don't even know what it freaking looks like or plays like yet! people in these comments straight up annoy me with how quick they are to judge no one could please you guys these days huh? some "gamers" you guys are how about you guys all gather and make a game that's better since you guys are so quick to judge others art and work. entitled brats much?

Palitera2968d ago

So, saywat, should 30 second trailers just be ignored then? It has its informative value, it shows a lot of the direction the game is going, or at least should, since it is its "first trailer".

Also none is saying the GAME is terrible. The general reaction is "what a f******* terrible TRAILER was this?". And yes, it has an impact on how interested people are on the game. Otherwise they wouldn't exist.

Take Battlefield's trailer on the other hand. WD's is closer to CoD's.

pompombrum2968d ago

@saywat since when did having an opinion become entitlement?

The "leaked" teaser was designed to build hype for the announcement, for myself and many others (going by here) it had the exact opposite effect. Fortunately after watching the reveal, the game looks a lot better than that teaser made it out to be and I'm now actually looking forward to it.

Deadpooled2968d ago

Check the leaked gameplay that was released a few hours ago, looks far better than this teaser trailer shows

MagicBeanz2967d ago

So its a day one buy for you.

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seanpitt232968d ago

What did I just watch :( let's be real the first one took 5+ years to make.. Well it seemed forever anyway this seems to have taken 5 minutes to make so my thinking will be a cut and paste job will just a new story so my expectations are not very high on this game.

RB2011222968d ago

It hasn't shown off anything haha

RB2011222968d ago

How did you get the aesthetics/ theme/ general concept from a 30 sec teaser? We haven't seen anything yet so we should wait before we start hating.

Kreisen2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I think weve seen plenty here to get a feel for where they are going with this game. They are clearly pandering to hipsters, you know the ones who wear tight skinny jeans with oversized white sneakers? The same people who couldnt care less about videogames...
Its justified for those like me to get angry, i bought Watch Dogs, i really liked Watch Dogs, and now i get fucked over by Ubisoft.

Palitera2968d ago

WTF? Aesthetics, theme, general concept are some of the few you can actually get from short trailers...

Clover9042968d ago

This literally shows nothing. Maybe save the torches for the actual reveal.

jessionpc2968d ago

After watching I have a difficult time believing this is even real.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY in their right mind enough to fathom driving an automobile would think this trailer was okay.

Basically, if you can operate a vehicle, your intelligent enough to know this is absolute shit. Every relative who saw the trailer would cringe... HARD.

"S-so what you think, lil BRA?!"

"Uhh... ohh man... Was that a joke?... Like... I guess it has pretty cool graphics, lol?"


Ohh they will... Holding their tummy's, laughing. It'll be healthy tbh, i'm sure several people that day will need some laughter.

MagicBeanz2967d ago

And here you are hating on it when we know nothing about it yet, yeah that's not douchey at all.

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Soc52967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Yeah I don't like the concept either, but it must be hard making games, and it's no wonder gaming is in a tumultuous time right now, you make a product and then there's immediate backlash, must be hard to deal with or make a company deal with, that said maybe the backlash is due to the extreme corporatizing of games so maybe it's deserved. And Ubisoft is ironically releasing games like watchdogs that critique corporations while acting like a greedy corporation that releases games too early full of bugs and dlc and fails to meet the expectations created by its videos that don't look like final product.

Speaking of the art teams at Ubisoft, I've noticed that the art and design in their games focuses a lot on symbology and has multiple meanings etc. the new logo for this game looks like the sigil/seal of Saturn. Wonder what that is about. Look it up, I've noticed lots of games have deeper hidden symbols and motifs. Wonder why.

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Segata2967d ago

It's like they want to be a realistic hacker Jet Set but not understanding either.

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andrewsquall2968d ago ShowReplies(3)
Relientk772968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Teaser trailer wasn't all that good in my opinion

georgenancy2968d ago

wow that looks hella disappointing no surprise

scark922967d ago

There is gameplay out, it looks good I admit