Wrestling Video Games - A RETROspective

Over the years, there have been plenty of licensed and unlicensed wrestling games, both good and bad. In the early days of video games, grappling games were straight out button bashers; more recently they’ve morphed into a sports simulation; with counter moves, reversals, taunts in keeping with the real life product.

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MrsNesbitt1795d ago

I can't remember which one it was exactly but WWF No Mercy was amazing. If it is the one I'm thinking of it had a customisation which would leave me there for hours designing my wrestler. It still looked like a Frankenstein-esque character!

hduce1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

WWE No Mercy is a classic I still play to this day. I also liked the WCW games that were built on the same wrestling engine by Asmik/Aki for the N64. I wish the current wrestling games still used that engine. Also, if you are old enough to remember, who could forget the awesome Pro Wrestling for the NES? I also like Tecmo World Wrestling, WWF Superstars, WWF Wrestlefest, WWF Arcade, Saturday Night Main Event, and the Raw vs Smack down series.

Rebel_Scum1793d ago

Power Move Pro Wrestling is one of the best wrestling games but rarely talked about which is a shame.