10 Unpopular Opinions That’ll Make Gamers Rage

WC - Come take a seat on either side of the electrified fence.

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jessionpc1801d ago

I agree with 6, 3, 1. RE4, even though it was, "good", ruined the heart of Resident Evil, and now the franchise is lost and broken. Bioshock Infinite was just... so monsterously overrated it's not even funny. It's main selling point was the AI... Which was a complete joke. Just another linear shooter where mobs hop out around every corner, right into your non stop firing to die side by side, yep. REAL smert ai. Not to mention the game play was so repetitive... Like, the same couple enemies till the end, which got boring after the 3rd time I shot them. Forced myself to the ending, basically because I wanted to rescue Elisabeth and have kids with her, "and I still woulda at the end". LOL

And yea, GTA has been at a creative standstill for a long time, it's just the same shit over and over again. Get rich boys.

A real shame, the series has forever potential, yet for some reason they won't try anything else?...

1800d ago
BrianOBlivion1799d ago

Agreed. clickvulture is on my banned list.

Kurdishcurse1800d ago

Oh oh i have one!! Zelda is extremely overrated and childish. Got over their formula right after windwaker. And uncharted 4 isnt worth a 6 let alone a 10...and resident evil was a good action game but a failure of a horror game. Only got scared 3 or 4 times the whole game.

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