Hands On: Fallout 4: Far Harbor Removes Fog to Boost PS4 Framerate

Push Square: "We're happy to report that Fallout 4 fans can rest easy for now – well, kind of. Fallout 4: Far Harbor, the game's first "real" expansion, ran very poorly on PlayStation 4 when it released. The add-on's island location was covered in thick fog, and this effect, combined with detailed lighting techniques, resulted in a shockingly low framerate when traversing most of the island. In short, the expansion was, in our opinion, a chore to play because of the frame rate issues – something that we heavily criticised Far Harbor for in our review."

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ILostMyMind1801d ago

So if we remove the trees and the characters we could have the game at 60fps? Great solution, Bethesda.

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joab7771801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

That's the problem. They still don't give a fuck about Playstation. 40 million sold would incentivize me to make them a priority, but what do I know? You know nothing!!

Majin-vegeta1801d ago

Thats why i dont buy bethesda crap.Its obvious they have a freaking agenda with PS systems.There games always run like crap on them.

zeuanimals1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Agenda? Nah, they just suck. Just look at the Xbox One version, sometimes it hits 0 FPS. Unless they have an anti-console agenda.

Pogmathoin1801d ago

Wtf are you talking about zanimal? No excuse for not simply optimizing it...... It runs fine on xbox one... You can play it fine...

Bruh1800d ago

Its not about incentive to sell, their games will sell regardless. Hence why they don't give a shit, the reason the One version runs better is cause Gamebryo is far easier to code and optimize for a Direct X based machine over an Open GL one.

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Omnisonne1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Especially considering the Fog plays a major role in the DLC.. this doesn't make any sense. I'll have to try it myself but if there's no fog left at all, it kills the story and setting

Oreic1801d ago

Yeah, weak fix. Just get a new engine Bethesda...

letsgopal1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Why they should get a new engine? It works fine on PC's Maybe you should stop being a console peasant.

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Jman21801d ago

People keep saying this and everyone that does obviously doesn't know what there talking about, answer the question why do they need a new engine ? What would a new engine fix?

SoulMikeY1801d ago

Ask yourself instead, why is The Witcher 3 bigger, more detailed, better graphics, more fluid combat, less buggy, better soundtrack, better story... nevermind. The point is, a new, better optimized engine, would immensely increase the quality of any Bethesda game. It should be able to look as good as the Witcher on consoles.

Bruh1800d ago


Bro Gamebryo is outdated garbage lol..Bethesda has the toolkit and development team for iD Tech 6, though its not designed for open-world games. I'm sure a modified version of that engine is the way to go for future Skyrim/ Fallout titles.

wellard1800d ago

Because a new engine designed to run on new systems would work better than an old engine constantly upgraded to cope on new systems. It really isn't that hard to figure out. Just use some common sense.

Sm00thNinja1801d ago

Glad I bought this on XBONE WTF BETHESDA?!

Aenea1801d ago

That does make me wonder tho, did they only remove it on the PS4 version or also X1?

I mean: pushsquare is a PlayStation site so they might not know, I've seen plenty articles like "xxx released today on Xbox One" or "xxxx free now on Xbox One" or "xxx yyy on Xbox One" even tho the same was true about the PS4 but it was reported by an Xbox only site...

Anyhoo, if it's only removed on the PS4 version that is rather ehmm, surprising...

Omnisonne1801d ago

Yeah they really don't have the excuse of PS4 being difficult to code for anymore. So I wonder what drove this decision

Sm00thNinja1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I'm playing it RIGHT NOW ON XBONE there has been no fog removal. Also the freezing issues seem to have been cleared up. Everyone reported the PS4 version was ganked but the Xbone version originally was also unplayable. Fix one, neuter another strange decision

ColonelHugh1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

They didn't remove the fog entirely on PS4, it seems to be at about 50% volume, which is absurd, but it did take CD Projekt Red a long time to fix its frame rate in Velen's volumetric fog on PS4 through optimization alone.

Considering this isn't a mandatory official patch, but a stealth reupload of Far Harbor, my guess is it will be awhile, if ever, before they turn the effect back up.

Xbox One almost certainly hasn't changed at all yet, and even if it did, this would only be on new downloads, so don't delete it if this worries you.

Herpofderpopol1801d ago

Still lags while running through the forest at times too, not as bad but noticable still

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