6 Must Own Pieces Of DLC For The PS4

Alex Gibson from WGTC writes "The PlayStation 4’s impressive library of titles continues to grow, and so, some of its best games boast must-play DLC content. Here you’ll find a list of 6 single player DLC campaigns that are absolutely essential, and if you own the base game then you simply can’t afford to miss them."

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TheHip141055d ago

Left Behind is probably one of the single best pieces of DLC ever, nevermind just on the PS4.

1055d ago
terallo1055d ago

Nice to see infamous first light get a spot. The main character (I forget her name) was much better than the mc from second son. And of course the last of us... That dlc had me in tears

gamerpop1055d ago

Shoutout to First Light! That game rocks.

basilboxer1055d ago

I played Blood and Wine recently and I couldn't get over how good that DLC is as a standalone game. Its massive.. but its also packed with detail and a decent story. I'm sort of sad to see the witcher 3 end now. Oh well, bring on Cyberpunk!

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The story is too old to be commented.