The Last Guardian: The Shocking Truth About Trico - IGN First

We've played the opening 45 minutes of this near-mythical game. Our impressions.

Majin-vegeta2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

God cant wait.I bet it will come down to UC4&TLG for GOTY.


The writer seems to be impressed by what he played.

Questofthecrew2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

whats goty? an award by a few nerds stating what their favourite game was in their opinion? if a 13 hour movie/game with 6+ hours cutscenes and a ps2 looking indie game is your goty then you need more options. As of right now IGN already scored overwatch higher then uncharted.

how am i trolling lol?

lol no dude just no.. slighty above average campaign with mediocre multiplayer. im sure its good for you guys but come on i have played like 10 better games this generation. The biggest gaming website out there scored overwatch higher already.

Majin-vegeta2744d ago

Nice troll account buddy.Why you gotta hide ;)?

Kingthrash3602744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Wow hater much?
Question what's your Goty then?
Pro tip: uncharted does not have 6+hours of cut scenes...have you play it at all? Just want to fill you in champ.
But really please answer that question. ...what's your goty? Also what's a nerd? Gamers are far from nerds bro...

Wallstreet372744d ago

You need to take that out your *ss bcus u put it in without any lube lol

Corny troll smh u guys kill me. Uncharted 4 is widely refarded as the game of the generation so far, not by one site but by the majority of them :)

2744d ago
Bathyj2744d ago

I make it a point to never listen to anyone whose less than an hour old.

Realms2744d ago

If you are not interested in the game why click on the video? It's obvious that some people will down play exclusives no matter what. A lot of people that played Ico and shadow of the colossus are excited and hyped to finally get to play TLG. At this point it's just another console exclusive to add to ever growing PS4 library.

Erik73572744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Your a troll because you spend your time giving a opinion of criticism of things you dislike and wasting your time instead of focusing on finding things you like to talk positively about....seriously that's like the most un-fun and worst type of gamer you can be...

I'm not saying to not say you dislike a game but you seem to spend a lot of time explaining and talking about disliking something instead of finding time of something you like.

Ceaser98573612744d ago

" As of right now IGN already scored overwatch higher then uncharted. "
" if a 13 hour movie/game with 6+ hours cutscenes and a ps2 looking indie game is your goty then you need more options"

lmao!! Dude, you smoking special kind of weed... First of all IGN review for Overwatch is still under progress and prolly in your world IGN America is the only reviewers but as for me and the rest there are many better and popular reviewers around.. also its funny how u call TLG a PS2 looking indie game , news flash caveman it was supposed to release on the PS3 ... Also If you call UC4 a move game and 6+ hours of cutscenes then its highly possible you're either a troll or a liar or someone who didnt even play the game...

Kribwalker2744d ago

It's Gotye, he was missing the E. You know the guy that sang someone that I use to know

trouble_bubble2744d ago

Overpricedwatch + nerds x ign - ps2 = what now?! Quit spamming and get my fries ready, you're holding up the line

Darkfist2744d ago

says the xbox fanboy who praise quantum break, and saying reviews dont matter but now hes holding on another game's review to make his dust collecting box look great lol.

UltraNova2744d ago

I'm sure you believe QB was the best game ever released don't you?

Deadpooled2744d ago

Haha fool you just got exposed :P have fun with your Quantum Broken!

Ben Dover2743d ago

One hour old account and free to troll. Once again the mods on this site are doing a horrendous job in monitoring / ensuring people don't make duplicate accounts. Yet his post is still here trolling about Uncharted in a Last Guardian article.

Ever since the change to the new N4G it feels the amount of mods have been reduced to 1 in total. Who probably forgot his login information, given how bad the site is being handled lately.

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no_ripley2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

UC4 = GOTY??? Are you kidding me? Dark Souls is 10x better

Uncharted 4's graphics are great (framerate not always) but the game has the worst cover system ever and the AI is just way too aggressive - you can't stay in one place for more than 2 seconds before the enemies bombard you with grenades. Gameplay is ok. The controls feel floaty and the gunplay is bad.

Story is nothing special.

Trez12342744d ago

Uncharted 4 is a goty contender like it or not.

P_Bomb2743d ago

A Dark Souls fans complaining about another game's framerate and aggressive AI? Now I've seen it all.

Sunny_D2743d ago


Which is funny because Uncharted 4's frame rate for the most part stays stable for the majority of the time even in the most action packed sequences going down to only about 25 fps. Yet, he wants to mention Dark Souls? Haha

Ceaser98573612743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

" the game has the worst cover system ever and the AI is just way too aggressive"

The game has the worst cover system because players like you CANNOT game properly ..
The AI is just way too aggressive , well then play it on explorer mode.. Funny how you talk about dark souls and then complain about AI being to aggressive in UC4 , what a troll..
"The controls feel floaty and the gunplay is bad." Again Players like you CANNOT game properly..
Story is nothing special ? Okay i assume now you didnt even play the game bdw Dark souls aint focused on Story either...

no_ripley2742d ago

Dark Souls 3 runs stable with 60fps (I'm playing on PC) ... what i'm talking about is the gameplay, not graphics or fps.

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RosweeSon2744d ago

Spoilers... Swerve thanks buddy. I can wait another few months even a year wanna enjoy this one for myself tho. Lalalala.

darthv722743d ago

I admire their efforts to keep plugging away at making this game. I'm sure the real thing looks better than the video footage in the clip. It has a very 1st gen PS3 look to it, very rough but that could be the video compression that IGN used to upload to their site.

As a fan of the two other Team Ico games I look forward to playing this one and know that their hard work will pay off with compelling game play and deep involving story.

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VsAssassin2744d ago

I'm ready to see TLG truly unfold at E3!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2744d ago

Lol I still remember when Ign declared TLG cancelled. And Sony was like 'uh no? Wtf?'

Yui_Suzumiya2743d ago

Won't be the last time they're caught with there pants down, lolz

TheColbertinator2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Trico still exists? I guess if FFXV can come out,then anything is possible

The 10th Rider2744d ago

Eh, I think Duke Nukem has FFXV beat . . . The real game changer will be when Half Life 3 comes out, then truly anything will be possible.