GWN Preview: Sacred 2

GWN reports:

''Taking place two thousand years before the events portrayed in the original, Sacred 2's storyline revolves around a war that is ongoing to regain control over T-Energy, a material that is the source of life and prosperity. The Ancient Elves of the world perished trying to seek power with the T-Energy and now the all the races of the world are out to claim T-Energy as their own. Who will prevail? Well, let's hope the gamer does or else it's going to be one dark day in the world of Ancaria.

What stands in the way of gamers in their attempt to resolve this pesky situation in Ancaria? First, and foremost, players will have to face off against special bosses – whether they are an elemental, dragon, and other various monsters – as they boost morale to their lackeys that assist them in their climatic battles with the player. Each species of monsters is unique as some may only attack if they are pestered with or may be hunting you down in a pack.''

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ironcreed3703d ago

Man, it is sad that hardly anyone is hyping this game. You would think that console owners especially would be itching for something along the lines of another Champions of Norrath...only better. Everyone I have told about this game had a rather modest to negative first impression. However, when they actually read about the depth and size of the game, their jaws dropped.

This is sadly going to be one of those rare gems, with that old school appeal, which will fly right under the radar of most because it is releasing in the middle of a storm of big budget, ultra hyped titles. Regardless, I know I cannot wait for it. I think it is going to be one of the best games released this year in terms of fun, content, and value.

Also, what is up with the release date in this article? I thought it was releasing only on PC in September, and consoles in November?