Could we see the return of Star Wars 1313?

George Foster from GamersFTW writes:
One of the most surprising announcements to come from the gaming industry this week was the reveal that Respawn Entertainment has been working on a 3rd Person Star Wars game for the past two years. No other details have been announced so far but it would be logical to speculate that it is a revival of one of the more interesting Star Wars games; Star Wars 1313.

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bixxel1113d ago

It will be called Star Wars: 2323

Yukes1113d ago

For me, Visceral's upcoming Star Wars game is the one that I'm most looking forward to, as a result of Amy Hennig's involvement and rumours that it will be 'Uncharted-like'. All I want is a gritty Star Wars sandbox game with a strong narrative and a SINGLE PLAYER FOCUS!

ninsigma1113d ago

Yep, got the mp focus with battlefront and it was an awesome trip into that world. Ready for a story focused star wars game! It's much needed!

jb2271113d ago

I'm the most pumped for that one as well. With Hennig & Visceral's involvement it could end up being like that sci fi Naughty Dog game we've all been dying to play.

That said, there have been rumors that the game may actually be more of an open world RPG. I'm really hoping this doesn't turn out to be the case because Visceral has proven to be great at more linear space adventure games like Dead Space & Amy has proven herself a great storyteller. An open world rpg wouldn't fit either creator all that well, and it could end up being much worse than the sum of its parts. I'm keeping my hopes up that it ends up being more of an adventure game w/ wide linear levels instead of a fully dedicated open world.

snellings1113d ago

Man, I was miserable when they canceled 1313. It looked like an Uncharted game set in the Star Wars galaxy. Why the hell wouldn't someone pick it back up?

garrettbobbyferguson1113d ago

It looked like a cinematic hallway cover shooter in the Star Wars galaxy. Maybe if they reworked it it would have looked better, but if the first thing you can show off is a QTE for your game, that means your game is probably crap.

s45gr321113d ago

Very unlikely too dark for the kiddies