Here are two more leaked in-game screenshots from Star Wars 1313

DSOGaming writes: "A few days ago, we shared a leaked in-game screenshots from the cancelled Star Wars game, Star Wars 1313. And we are happy to present you two additional screenshots from it."

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TeamIcoFan1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Dev : Hey EA, we have this great idea for a star wars game. It's like that super popular Uncharted franchise, and you play as a bounty hunter-
EA : Does it have multiplayer with loot boxes and micro transactions?
Dev : Well, no-
EA : Cancel it.
Dev : But-
Other Dev : Hey Boss, I got this game I'm working on that has no single player, grindy as fuck unlockables, and loot boxes and cards galore!
EA : ...Go on.
Other Dev : Better still, we can sell expansion packs and the single player mode and other DLC for up to 100 bucks!

Ausbo1158d ago

EA wasn’t at the helm when this game was being made. Lucas arts was still making games. The EA deal was later

porkChop1158d ago

This has nothing to do with EA. This game was cancelled by Disney when they shut down all internal development in 2013.

DaniMacYo1158d ago

LMAO now this is a great comment absolutely made my day. Hilarious 🤣

FlavorLav011158d ago

Damn shame! Looked pretty cool to me. They would’ve had my money at some point

SamPao1157d ago

yeah... I still have fond memories of "bounty hunter" ps2 game. might start it up again just to see how it changed over the years

rlow11158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Holds up well for today, was ahead of its time. Who knows, possibly with the success of the newest Star Wars game. revisiting this game could be in the works? Now that would be an awesome surprise.

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