It Is Time to Revive Star Wars: 1313

Lucasfilm Games has formed and Ubisoft is working on an 'open-world' game, there's no better time for Star Wars: 1313.

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no_more_heroes255d ago

I hear this game was essentially going to be a videogame form of The Mandalorian, which interests me greatly!

CoNn3rB252d ago

One thing I noticed about the Mandalorian plot is that it's very video game-ey when you think about it. It would make a great game

Rebel_Scum254d ago

Seriously why? At this point the ship has sailed. Without the original team on it, it'll never shape up to be what was intended. You're better off remaking E.T. lol

CrimsonWing69254d ago

I mean wasn’t it just a concept at that point? I don’t think it’d be that difficult to find a team to bring it back to life. We barely knew anything except that it would be a dark, gritty, M rated Star Wars game. People could easily recreate that demo preview we all saw.

Nodoze254d ago

Bring Amy back and let her head this up!!

Hikoran254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

There's also the lesser known project Ragtag that got cancelled lead by Previous Naughty Dog director, Amy Hennig