Saints Row 2 - Why GTA IV Comparisons are Useless.

Gameplayer has gone hands-on with Saints Row 2 as the open-world action game attempts to step through the door left open by the lacklustre GTA IV. Their experience is detailed within.

"SR2 has done a very smart thing indeed by almost totally divorcing itself from meaningful comparison to GTA – save for a slightly silly trailer that did just that. A few months back we wrote that Saints Row 2 was a decent contender to the heavyweight crown. We was wrong. That's like comparing dogs to cats. They're both bloody animals with four legs you can easily drown but that's it. Don't believe people who line 'em up."

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SlappingOysters3757d ago

But since I have become bored with GTA IV... and not that far in it must be said... this is back on my radar.

Hope it looks better in real-life than in those screenies though!

InMyOpinion3757d ago

Agreed. From what I've seen it almost looks graphically inferior to the first one.

bumnut3757d ago

i dont care about graphics if the gameplay is fun and varied

InMyOpinion3757d ago

I really liked the first one so I hope this one's good too. Fun seems to be the keyword.

nbsmatambo3757d ago

"Running over to rez his character, you have to pay respects to the simple mechanic that gets your mate back in the game. You simply pour a .40 ounce over him and up he pops. Ah, hip hop, you’ve given us so much…"


AAACE53756d ago

GTA is targeting a more realistic look and feel, and Saints row is basically still the arcade sandbox game. I will still own both because they will both provide something I want!

I haven't beat GTA yet cause I stopped playing it. Not because I was bored with it, but because I was scared I might beat it too soon. But the closer Saint's row is to release... then i'll finish it!

GTA 4 is worth every penny in my personal opinion, and is the best game created this generation! If you don't understand that, then you didn't understand any of the GTA games! Go back and start with GTA 1 on Ps1, and maybe it will become clear by the time you get to GTA 4.

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LONEWOLF2313757d ago

Just hope a demo gets released soon.

Fishy Fingers3757d ago

Agreed, a demo would be very beneficial. After my disappointment with GTA IV I certainly want to try before I buy.

LeonSKennedy4Life3757d ago

Did they call it "lackluster"???

I'm sorry to say this, but Saint's Row was lackluster, not GTAIV. GTAIV just happens to be the only GTA I've ever liked...and I liked it a lot!

bumnut3757d ago

saints row was lackluster, but gta4 was worse

Anon19743757d ago

I couldn't agree more. GTA4 was fantastic. Great storey, best dialogue we've had in years. What are these guys smoking?

BIGBAER3757d ago

It is by far, my favorite in the series. The story is perfectly integrated with the gameplay in such a seamless manner that it feels like a true Hollywood blockbuster action-drama movie.

I believe there are two main types of GTA players: those who want little more than one mini-game after the next, e.g. score the most headshots in a set time, jump the furthest distance off of a skyscraper, roof-top ramp, or set off the biggest explosion possible... These players are not overly concerned with storylines. Loose ends can stay, well, loose! It's action they want.

Then there are players, like myself, who really appreciate the depth of the story as presented in GTA IV, placed against a Liberty City backdrop fleshed out in so much detail that it boggles the mind!

Much of GTA IV's realism comes from the neccessity of the player to play within the rules as laid out in Liberty City. GTA IV is a masterpiece! For some, it might not be what they expected, but for many others, GTA IV turned out to be more---much more!

bloop3756d ago

I really dont understand all this hate for GTA IV. True, it wasn't as much "fun" as the GTA III series but it was still a great game which I had a hell of a lot more enjoyment from than Saints Row 1. And when people say GTA IV online is broke, I presume these people have never played Saints Row 1. Now, that was broke.

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BigKev453757d ago

No, Saint's Row is good, but as we all know is a carbon copy of the GTA formula. GTA is king when it comes to sandbox games. I expect Saint's Row 2 to do alright. But know where near to GTA IV numbers sales wise.

N2NOther3757d ago

It amazes me when I see people saying things like GTA IV was bad. Well, there's no accounting for taste.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to SR2 as a fun game.

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