Saints Row 2 is Now Xbox Backwards Compatible

The gritty and exciting Saints Row 2 is now a Xbox Backwards Compatible game available for Xbox One.

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Obscure_Observer263d ago

Yes! Saints Row 2 is great! Can wait to see how well it performs on the X!

skycaptin5263d ago

Ya, I'm really looking forward to seeing how it performs there. Bit disappointed it didn't arrive One X Enhanced, suppose they're bundling those updates in small groups for the current time.

TheUndertaker85263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Backwards compatibility itself doesn’t seem to take a load but enhancing 360 titles does. Not really a surprise since better texture filters and in cases resolution bumps along with framerate bumps occur.

Also keep in mind post backwards compatibility patches have came. Titles like Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Black Ops II saw patches after going to Xbox One specifically for Xbox One owners.

-Foxtrot263d ago

Now people can go back and remember what a real Saints Row game feels like.

showtimefolks263d ago

I wish the series remained bit more like SR1-2 because after that this series lost its soul it feels like

ChrisW263d ago

SR3 wasn't too bad...

But after that, things just got stupid... Fun... but mostly stupid.

ReBurn263d ago

I hope they do the first one.

stefan_771263d ago

The first one should be remastered since the ps3 version was cancelled

ChrisW263d ago

*Is what one yells as they run down the hallways spreading Nutella on the walls*

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