Street Fighter V: The endless beta?

Matt from PC Gaming Enthusiast delivers his thoughts on Street Fighter V and other games like it.

He writes:

"While the idea sounds good, the Street Fighter V launch demonstrates both the good and the bad of the notion of video games as a service."

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t-hall7851049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

As long as i don't have to buy super street fighter 5 then ultra street fighter 5 I'm good. Yes it could've definitely been better at launch for the casuals but i play fighting games to fight other people. The computer is usually boring, cheap, or both. So even though a real story mode wouldve been nice, it wouldn't have kept me entertained too long. I played injustices single player 1 time then went to training and online mode. I figure I'll do the same here.

LaWiiG1049d ago

PC MASTER RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

t-hall7851049d ago

Lol I'm gonna join you very soon my friend

Etlugtehul1049d ago

Endless no,is good game yes;)

LaWiiG1049d ago

Good game with a lot of faults.

freshslicepizza1049d ago

this all seems rather ironic given how many have said without sony's involvement this game would not have come out so soon. maybe that would have been a good thing.

Bruneblomst1049d ago

No Sony no problem,what skal du lugte til den brune blomst?;)

LaWiiG1049d ago

They should have pushed it off further. I mean, I had a lot of excitement for it after playing it early on. I was like, ahh, there's more to come in the final release. It feels very sectioned off as to what they wanted us to have for free, and what was allowed in the final product.

I don't even get what Sony had in mind. They could have still raked in money being that it was exclusive to PC and PS4.

Deathdeliverer1048d ago

So crazy. A company tries something new to appease gamers and people will still raise hell about it. It's like saying league of legends, smite, Dota, and even the upcoming overwatch will be forever in beta. That's what it's modeled after. They said BEFORE release it would never be "done". They will always be adding modes, moves, characters, stages, features and balance updates all for free. Not selling you patches like Blaze Blue, Old Street Fighter games, and even Killer Instinct.

The recent patch added everything except a arcade mode and true story. They have already laid out a release roadmap for the whole year. So once those two modes come in a couple months what else will there be to complain about? Game still has years left and all the features most fighting games have will be there within 6 months. What will the rest of the year hold? Year 2?

If Capcom charges for updates they are money hungry. When they no longer charge you and give you all updates as its ready it sucks cause it's never complete.

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