Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 Still Champions as Evo 2022 Viewer Stats are Revealed

Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 may feel like they've been around for hundreds of years, but they still pull in audiences like no other fighting games currently on the market. Both titles were, of course, part of Evo 2022, which happened just last weekend — and now esports analytics outfit Esports Charts has crunched the numbers to find out which titles attracted the most viewers during the event

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Sonyslave3176d ago

Yet Mk 11 out sold both lol 😂

mkis007175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

This is clearly about viewer counts... Esports relies on high viewer counts to make money just like any other sport. Sponsorships...

EvertonFC175d ago

The article isn't about that though is it

TriniOutsider175d ago

That always happens. MK has been outselling them for years now. Yet, MK games die out faster because NRS drops balance patches every two months when they release a fighter. Pretty much killing their games.

SO71D174d ago

Does outselling them make it more fun and competitive? Nope.

Army_of_Darkness174d ago

Mk11 is still the better game.

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