CSM: Too Human Review

CSM Writes:

"Many of the game's notable attributes such as a cool story and role-playing game (RPG)-like upgrades, however, are overshadowed by repetitive fight sequences, uninspiring level design, and nagging camera issues. Too Human is yet another example of a game that, while not terrible, doesn't live up to its hype. At best, consider this a decent weekend rental for fans of fantasy action games."

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GiantEnemyCrab5156d ago

Maybe your next click should be on R&C: Quest for Booty which is a flop.

Aclay5156d ago (Edited 5156d ago )

@ GiantEnemyCrab,

Rachet and Clank Quest for Booty isn't a flop, it's just a downloadable game title and anyone that's loved the Rachet and Clank series ever since the PS2 era will love Quest for Booty regardless of reviews. Rachet and Clank is already a proven franchise that's gotten good reviews prior to Quest for Booty.

Too Human had the potential of being a AAA exclusive and that's different than a downloadable game.

zo6_lover275156d ago

So apparently 7.4 is a flop? Its a downloadable title that is $15, how is it even fopable?

It did better than too human and is 1/4 the price, plus it wasn't hyped at all, it didn't flop.

Droid5156d ago

Truly funny how droids think they can talk when most of their super "AAA" exclusives have been flops, except for one game: MGS4.

For the record, I've hated Too FLOPman for well over a year now. I'm glad it flopped. I am a gaming genius. All devs shall fear me.

Bubble Buddy5156d ago

Ratchet, Uncharted, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden, Resistance 1, MGS4 were not flops.

Isaac5156d ago

*puts fanboy on ignore list*

*wonders why he had 5 bubbles in the first place*