Street Fighter V Gets More Alex, Tutorials, Trials And Shop Screenshots

Some additional screenshots showcasing the new features coming to Street Fighter V this month have surfaced online

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DivineAssault 1581d ago

They need to hurry up with this..

Fin_The_Human1581d ago

No they don't...they already have your money.

This is why selling a 30% completed game for full price is a bad idea and glad that SFV sold bad.

DivineAssault 1581d ago

Im glad it sold bad too but i still paid full retail for this and i want the modes im owed.. Its still a great playing game but im not touching it until its updated..

Artemidorus1581d ago

Don't click the page it's full of ad's

feraldrgn1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Apparently a great game according to many who've played it, just lacking in content right now.
Capcom should have waited until they had more ready.