Devil May Cry Anime Coming

Making its debut on the PS2 in 2001 and emerging as a highly successful franchise ever since, releasing a series of elaborated manga(Japanese comic books) and even in production for the fourth time as a PS3 actioner, the Devil May Cry series takes it to another media art form, and this time its the Japanese anime. A complete animated motion picture for the fans of gothic and stylistic action mayhem.

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Shin_Akakage6176d ago

A Devil May Cry anime!!! This is probably the best way to bring Dante to the screen. I have a feeling that any attempts at a live action film would be just plain awful.


FFXVI’s Combat Proves It's Time For Another Capcom Remake

With Final Fantasy XVI committing fully to fast-paced action gameplay, it may finally be time for a new remake series of a classic Capcom franchise: Devil May Cry. As the franchise that essentially originated the particular style of 3D action combat that the upcoming Final Fantasy is making heavy use of, Devil May Cry could very well be due for a remake, or even a series of remakes, to address certain flaws and more dated aspects of its classic games, similarly to the popular modern remakes for Capcom's Resident Evil series.

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jambola218d ago

How can combat from one franchise be proof for a subjective opinion on another?

SeTTriP216d ago

Makes no sense to me either

lucian229216d ago

why in the hell would we need a remake of devil may cry when devil may cry 5 was great? We just need devil may cry 6 ; not a remake, enough with the remakes

jambola216d ago

Yeah I mean, no insult to the franchise but it's not like the story or location of the first was so top tier that we need to go back to it

lucian229214d ago

yeah rather progress with story where it is

Pepsi_Man3000216d ago

I'd much prefer we get new games that have such combat. Enough with the remakes. At least move forward if you want more of the same series

Elda216d ago

No remakes. The next installment of DMC would suffice.

CrimsonWing69216d ago

Why not a sequel? Why do we run to "needs a Remake" all the time now. I'd rather have the original and then a brand new entry instead of the original and the original but remade.

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It's Time for a New Mainline Devil May Cry Game

With DMC5's four-year anniversary passing and the increased relevance of its genre, now could be the best time for a new Devil May Cry game.

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isarai249d ago

They are working on Dragons Dogma 2


Never heard about it, but boy do I hope you are right! Dragon's Dogma was great!

isarai247d ago


Was a very anticlimactic announcement, but it's official!

Gridknac248d ago

I am super surprised that a total remake of the first DMC, in the vein of the latest Resident Evil titles, hasn't been revealed.

MIDGETonSTILTS17247d ago

It was at least a decade between 4 and 5, so keep holding your breath ;)

247d ago
cbuc1125247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Exactly...these games don't come out often.

Furesis247d ago

Right, surely there wasn't anything else that was the cause for that...

FallenAngel1984247d ago

DmC released between those titles. Even if it’s its own continuity it still showed Capcom was interested in the series

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TheEnigma313247d ago

Capcom is banging out the RE series. I would Love a new Onimusha and Power Stone from Capcom.

thejigisup247d ago

Well sh*t while we're at it let's get a remake of MvC2. Honestly Devil May Cry was one of my favorite games and I really didn't like the tonal shift too much as the series progressed. Now would be a good time to return to DMC 1 and do a soft reboot from there keeping the tone dark. I would also be 100% down for a game based on the story of Sparda.


Fable Co-Creator Says He 'Ripped Off' Devil May Cry to Create the Xbox RPG's World

Fable co-creator Dene Carter turned to Devil May Cry for an idea of scope when developing the 2004 hit action RPG.

CrimsonIdol379d ago

"Look to your peers", "stand on the shoulders of giants", "don't re-invent the wheel". Or in far more blunt down-to-earth British dev terminology: "rip it off" hahaha

Eonjay378d ago

I mean I agree with his sentiment of not reinventing the wheel. Imagine if every physicist, for example, had to derive the equations of relativity from scratch every time they were looking to make a discovery. We would never get anywhere. This isn't the same thing as straight up plagiarism of course.