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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is a welcome update for a game that’s, while a bit dated now, still an immensely entertaining co-op diversion. Unfortunately, this just isn’t a very good port. Shackled to Microsoft’s irritating platform, plagued by texture pop-in and performance issues spread across multiple cards and manufacturers, it’s just got too many problems for what is, in many ways, a rather basic port.

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Genova841373d ago

Got 2 980tis and i get stuttering. So annoying!

ninsigma1373d ago

Have you tested with SLI off?? Be interesting to know if it's because it isn't optimised properly to use SLI. Quite crazy how this released in such a state. Hope this doesn't happen with QBs pc version!

FPSFox1372d ago

Yup, I'm running a titan X on a 2560x1080 resolution and the thing just flies lol

FPSFox1373d ago

This is the reason I only sport one card at a time now. SLI was never worth the headache IMO

Genova841372d ago

Not a bad move, for true. I've been trying to pump 4k with all new games, is the only reason I went for 2. If you 1080p or sometimes even 1440p, 1 card will do. I had an older setup that was 2 6990s, so really 4 6970s. That was a complete shitshow. Crysis 3 was one of the few games that ran beautifully with all 4 cards working.