$20 sale on PS4 and Xbox One games include For Honor and more

Amazon has discounted several PlayStation 4 and Xbox One videogames to under $20, including For Honor, Mafia III, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and more.

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BLow1055d ago

Is For Honor any good? Especially for the single player? Ubisoft hate aside please...

mocaak1055d ago

Singleplayer, no. Multiplayer is great, really fun and challenging combat.

MVGeneral1054d ago

Singleplayer no. Multiplayer is worth every penny. Just think of it like call of duty or battlefield, But instead of guns it's swords/spears/axes.
It's extremely fun once you get the hang of it. Need to learn to parry and counter guard break and you should be good.
Each player you fight gives you the same feeling as fighting a boss in dark souls.

There is a huge learning curve tho. And you will be behind most people. But its okay, as matchmaking tries to put you against similar characters. I play for honor weekly. In Between my single player games like withcher 3, fallout 4 and horizon. I switch it up. But I always go back and play a few rounds of for honor.
I'm happy with my day one purchase. And for $20 It's a steel.
Ubi also corrected a lot of it's mistakes as all dlc maps and characters are free for everyone as to not split the community.

Servbot411055d ago

No, especially not the single player.

letsa_go1055d ago

I just got it this weekend. I am having fun playing with my buddies online, at least against the bots. I am getting my ass kicked against other players. We got dropped from a few online games, just a heads up. It was better than I expected for the most part.

Der_Kommandant1055d ago

I bought it like 2 months ago in a discount, the game has its issues but damn the MP is so much fun!

TheHan1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

I personally love For Honor the Multiplayer is fun and works great now that they have used dedicated servers. Game is actually stable most of the time, just expect to be frustrated sense it is a fighting game after all.

MVGeneral1054d ago

Not dedicated servers yet . That's coming in season 4.

CorndogBurglar1055d ago

The single player is okay. Nothing special at all.

MP is the reason to get this. But even then its horribly unbalanced. It has a fantastic combat system. They just failed to make it fun. I was bored with it after a week.

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FernDiggidy1054d ago

I'll pick up for honor when it hits 5 dollars.