Square Enix Revives Xenogears with Figureheads Crossover; Full Reveal Inside

You could say that this is pretty much awesome and horrifying at the same time. After teasing it last week, Square Enix fully revealed their Xenogears crossover with their upcoming mecha game Figureheads, which will enter its pre-beta phase on PC on February 25th.

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DarkOcelet3066d ago

I just have a feeling in my heart we will see Xenogears Remake at E3.

Come on Square, you revived FFVII Remake and you are making Dragon Quest XI and Star Ocean V.

Xenogears and Vagrant Story deserves the same treatment.

And make a Parasite Eve Remake while you are at it :)

eyeDEVOUR3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Id honesly rather see what kind of "treatment" they give ff7 before id have them touch Vagrant or Gears. And i think what we really need to be concerned with is the fact that they have WAY too many games in development rightnow anyways, so many that theyre gonna release ff7 and hitman in episodes? This isnt a good thing eventhough it may look exciting.

DarkOcelet3066d ago

At least with Hitman, you arent forced to pay 60$ upfront to get all the episodes, you can buy it one episode at a time or wait for the final release.

If it have enough content to last until the next episode then i dont see why people cant play it early.

And even if they have WAY too many games in development, Square Enix is a HUGE Company so they can manage.

eyeDEVOUR3066d ago


I wish i could be as optimistic, but ive not played a square game that i liked since the ps1 days. Ive gotten over it and just let the company go in my mind. So i really dont like the idea of them fucking my old games up, considering the shit they pumped out the last two generations of consoles. Not trying to step on anyones toe's but this is a concern of mine.

never4get3066d ago

Xenogears Online Multiplayer. Square Enix probably drooling at Splatoon Profits.

sdcard4gb3066d ago

Let them release FFXV, KH3, FF VII Remake first and then we would be able to talk about anything else. They are great at announcing games, not so about actually releasing them.

rainslacker3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I'm not sure how I feel about that without Takahashi being involved. Since he's now with Monolith Soft, and seems to have given up on trying to make Xenogears/saga a thing, and with so many legal IP restraints on direct sequels, reboots, or remakes, he seems to have opted to take his brand of games centered around the philosophies for the Xeno series into different genres and brands, which have found their home on Nintendo platforms.

I wouldn't mind an improved version in the vein of FF7 PC port for PS4, since it's just a graphically improved version, because I doubt SE could screw that up.

I wouldn't mind if Nintendo brought the rights to Xenosaga and allowed him to continue work on it if he wanted to, or at the very least a remaster of the 3 xenosaga games. I'd even settle for the PS2 classics versions being released on PS4 if that's all I could get, because they are some of my favorite games. Would be nice if they could get Xenogears as well, but if SE is now merchandising the IP, the chances of that are slim to none.

Last thing I want is a shallow spin off, although if the toys sell well, it's likely to come, and remove what made Xenogears so unique in the first place. However, with the first trailer, it looks like they're just using the mechs to make another game be more appealing.

FallenAngel19843066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I don't see Square Enix doing much with Xenogears since the devs that made that game left to forge Monolith Soft to create series such as Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos, and Xenoblade.

Abriael3066d ago

That's not necessarily true. In this industry, IPs are often taken beyond their original developers. That's why ownership of a successful IP is basically the most important asset a company has.

FallenAngel19843066d ago

Square Enix has owned the rights to Xenogears for 18 years and hasn't done anything with it. It's safe to say they'll never do anything significant with it going forward.


Please Square Enix, Bring Back Xenogears

Square Enix's interest in reviving its classics is the long-awaited ray of hope and the ideal chance to resurrect adored gems like Xenogears.

CrimsonWing69334d ago

Seriously, I mean if anything an HD Remaster. I wish they had the balls to allow the entire story to be made, but I get the financial gamble won't all for it.

Terry_B334d ago

Is it even up to Square Enix?

ZeekQuattro334d ago

Xenogears is Square. Maybe you're thinking of Xenosaga which is Namco.

Tacoboto334d ago

Possibly Xenoblade, which is Nintendo.

... Also my phone wants to autocorrect to a "XenoVerse", is that another Xenofranchise?

InsaneChronos334d ago

Please don't. I will not survive another "Chrono Cross Remaster".

on_line_forever334d ago

Bring back vagrant story & parasite eve

mrcatastropheAF334d ago

Agree but do Parasite Eve first lol

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Square Enix Classics We’d Love to See Remastered

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raWfodog365d ago

I would definitely enjoy a Xenogears remaster. Recently finished Legend of Dragoon again (this time with platinum trophy) and would love to dive back into Xenogears with Fei and the rest of the crew.

closed_account364d ago

Came here to say Xenogears as well. Great taste, raWfodog!

notachance364d ago

It needs more than a remaster though, I hope they can turn disc 2 into a full game..

Kneetos364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I wonder how they would even handle a xenogears remaster

Would they give it to monolith soft (the original developers) to handle, and more then likely make it a Nintendo exclusive, cue the endless bitching from Sony fans...

Or will they do it themselves, thus not finishing the original story as intended

raWfodog364d ago

"... and more then likely make it a Nintendo exclusive"

I would think it'd eventually hit all the platforms much like the Front Mission 1st Remake. That way no one would be 'bitching' regardless of your platform preference lol.