Rhianna Pratchett calls for more focus on game stories

Fresh from her Writer's Guild Award for Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rhianna Pratchett gave a DICE speech today calling for writers to be integrated more closely into the development of games.

-Foxtrot3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

She won an award for her writing...really? Over the Witcher 3

I'm sorry but her story writing is not that good. I mean she's not her father that's for sure. He was fantastic .

One of these people who got into the industry easy because her father was famous.

DarkOcelet3017d ago

I just came to say that.

How the hell did Witcher 3 lose to ROTR. Seriously? This is bs, ROTR story was ok Witcher 3's writing and story was so much better.

Bimkoblerutso3016d ago

Yeah, I'm calling BS politics here. I loved RotTR, but the story is about as cliche-ridden as stories come and it takes itself WAY too seriously for the setting.

There are several other game stories from 2015 that should have won before Tomb Raider.

rainslacker3016d ago

I think the game itself won for writing, not just her. She wasn't the only writer, just the only one who gets any notice. From my understanding, she wouldn't be eligible to win a personal award through the WGA, because she's a British writer, and they have separate awards for across the pond. However, under the rules of the WGA, the game has to be produced in America, and have at least one American who has a writing credit...and it has a few besides Pratchett.

Just going by my understanding of it all, I don't really care to look it up, but did look up the finalist...W3, ROTTR, AC:Syndicate, and Pillars of Eternity.

Other games would have likely won the award, but submissions are voluntary for consideration, and many developers don't bother for whatever reason.

Otherwise, I do agree...her writing is not like her fathers, and lacks a lot of the genuine character development and subtlety hidden behind the obvious that Terry Pratchett was good at. She's not a bad writer, I just find her characters rather shallow with very little depth or character...at least in ROTTR.

GamePeace3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Witcher 3 had a story ... ???

I call for more focus on gameplay, animation and original design, all that the Witcher 3 lacked for my taste.

SuperRaccoon3016d ago

Disagree. The gameplay was great, the combat was fun, it offered a real sense of progression in terms of feel and physical appearance, it had variety with a wide range of options, and it offered a deep experience for those that wanted to get into the lore to become more efficient in combat.

The animations looked iffy at times, one particular fight comes to mind, but they managed to nail a lot of good moments. Other than that, combat animations were perfect, with the occasional flourish and all. The signs were particularly good. Also, most fights were brilliantly choreographed.

I don't know how much more original design can be, there's nothing like The Witcher out there. Especially something with such a good story.

GamePeace3016d ago

You disagree with my personal opinion? Well, I don't find "The Witcher 3" as good as most gamers do, I even think that it is slightly overrated.

"there's nothing like The Witcher out there", maybe you're be right, because games haven't been very original in the last years. I'm glad Bloodborne came out, it restored my hope as far as originality and satisfying gameplay goes ... for the vast majority of other games I can't say the same, sadly.

SuperRaccoon3016d ago

I do, as in I am expressing a different opinion. Never said you were wrong. That said, I will agree with the notion that games have not really excelled when it comes to originality; most games this generation have been a disappointment in my eyes.

Warshade3016d ago

I may not have thought too much of the story in ROTTR. It felt like a story that had been done 1000 times in video games already.

That said I completely agree with everything she said and hope that more developers take it to heart.

Even a game as simply as Undertale is has so much heart in its zany story.

Ogygian3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Stories do need attention, but so do soundtracks, which are often ignored in Western games.

Undertale was great not because of story alone, nor because of its soundtrack. It was great because the story and soundtrack were together memorable, and really complemented each other.

This relationship is what modern games are missing, as most of them tack on some bland atmospheric soundtrack without really trying to evoke anything in the player.


Rhianna Pratchett on Challenges of Game Writing and Crafting Complex Female Characters

During the Game Developers Session (GDS) conference in Prague, we had the privilege of speaking with Rhianna Pratchett, an award-winning writer and narrative designer. Pratchett, who has penned some of the most memorable female protagonists like Nariko from Heavenly Sword, Faith from Mirror’s Edge, and Lara Croft from the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, delves into the challenges and freedoms of writing for different media, AAA and indie games.

-Foxtrot84d ago

Complex? She literally made Lara Croft whine and have father issues for an entire trilogy


Snookies1282d ago

"have father issues"

To be fair, that IS a complex... Just not the right kind, lol!

mixelon82d ago

The dad stuff wasn’t entirely her fault.. She was given outlines she had to flesh out and not full freedom. from the article…:

“ And there were things that we kind of butted heads more on, particularly with Rise [of the Tomb Raider] because I wasn't a fan of the dad plot. I didn't really like her motivation being her father because it felt like that's often the motivation given to female characters and it's also motivation that's very prominent in the previous movies as well. And I would have rather it been about her own experiences in the first game and how that had changed during the second game. But sometimes you just have to do your job, you just have to find peace with it. And I kind of played around with my relationship with my father and kind of put some aspects of that and then that just made me feel better about it. And sometimes this is what you have to do.”

She never seemed that whiny to me given the circumstances.

-Foxtrot82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

If you’re a good writer you’d have been able to do that a little better but she didn’t

She was restricted sure but with what she had with an outline she didn’t do a good job

She’s not her father, she got work and into the industry a lot easier because her father was a great writer.

It’s nepotism basically

Knightofelemia82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Female Commander Shepard is a way better female character then Lara Croft has been.

franwex82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Yep, that’s because they wrote an interesting character first.

Christopher82d ago

It's actually because they let you write the story you want.

82d ago
Inverno82d ago

Meanwhile it seems that female characters across entertainment media are being dumb down. What they've done to the female characters in the Avatar adaptation is insulting.

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jznrpg383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

Zero Dawn sold really well so I’m not sure this belongs. The second game released next to a big game again and it hurt it some I forget what it was though, oh yeah Elden Ring .
But a good game is a good game to me I don’t care when they release personally but they do have to think about it when you want to get more people to buy it.


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isarai497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Deserves less IMO, i think the 1st in the new trilogy was a perfect 1st step for the new direction. The next 2 games were half steps at best. Not only that, every character in the series including Lara is just annoying and doesn't make sense in terms of motive, like yes they have a motive, but none of it seems proportional to the lengths they are willing to go through for it. The most annoying thing is every one of the games say "become the Tomb Raider" yet 3 games later and we're still not there? No thanks. Then there's the mess of the 3rd game, massive skill tree that serves almost no purpose as there's literally only like 3-4 short encounters in the whole game, and they took till the 3rd game to finally manage some decent puzzles even remotely close to previous games in the series. Nah, the trilogy infuriated me to no end as a long time fan of the series, i hope we get better going forward cause that crap sucked.

Army_of_Darkness495d ago

The first in the trilogy was my favorite. I thought they were going into the right direction with that one until the second one came out and seemed like a graphical downgrade but the gameplay was okay. As for the Third, Graphics were really nice but it was kinda boring me to death with its non-stop platforming and exploring with not enough action! Well, for me anyway...

DeathTouch495d ago

Graphics on the 3rd one were abysmal. It’s more colorful and has more variety, but everything else was a noticeable downgrade.

The more open world with NPC quests was also handled very poorly, to the point I missed Angel of Darkness.

thesoftware730495d ago

I know it is your opinion, but she did progress as a character in each game, she even got more muscular and seasoned.

That is the thing, people first complained that there was not enough platforming and actual tomb raiding in the first and second games. Shadow remedied that and kept the combat elements.

3-4 encounters? huh? did we play the same game? there was plenty of combat and, the skill tree did matter, like being able to hang enemies from trees, set explosives traps on bodies, being able to counter, and that are just a few of the combat skills. The skill tree also had things like being able to hold your breath underwater longer, crafting upgrades, zipline upgrade, and climbing upgrades that all changed how you can approach situations.

Not knocking your opinion, but we definitely had different experiences. I had 98% completion on the shadow.