Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett wants Lara to have fewer father issues in next game

From Eurogamer: "Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett wants Lara Croft to have fewer father issues in the forthcoming next game.

Speaking to Eurogamer at last night’s BAFTAs, Pratchett confirmed she's not working on the newly announced title, but is "very excited to see what they do with Lara next".

"We had a really fun time evolving her character, so I would like to see probably less father issues," she said. "And that's coming from me!""

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-Foxtrot780d ago

But...it was her shitty writing of Lara as a character that focused on the father/family issues in the first place

Rhianna wrote Lara to be a whiny, non assertive and just completely different to what people loved about her as a character in the originals and Legends.

robtion779d ago

I'd like to see a version where she has MORE daddy issues.

Maybe they could write a gentleman's club or two into the story and the plot could explore Lara's journey from exotic dancer to adventurous explorer. I mean right...right?! ;)

specialguest779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

Makes sense. That explains the big boobs from the original games. You're on to something there

gerbintosh779d ago

Maybe she is paying her way through archaeology school

senorfartcushion779d ago

Writing is about homing your identity and threading it through the story. It means that the ready is ready to move on and make Lara behave different.

It’s not bad news, it’s good news.

ChubbyBlade779d ago

That’s…not what writing is about.

senorfartcushion778d ago (Edited 778d ago )

@ chubby

My published novel says differently mofocka

777d ago
isarai780d ago

Seeing as how you wrote it, why are you complaining? 🤣

senorfartcushion779d ago

It is projection. It’s fine to criticise yourself as a writer. You have to.

If she’s ready to move on and make the character different then that’s ok isn’t it.

porkChop779d ago

She isn't complaining. You should probably read the article to understand what she's actually saying.

CDbiggen779d ago (Edited 779d ago )

Never! The headline is all we need on this site.

Terry_B779d ago

Bring back the Lara Croft who was a badass woman.

CobraKai779d ago

I wouldn’t be opposed to tiddies and short shorts as well.

annoyedgamer779d ago

That's the one thing that definitely won't happen.