Get three Tomb Raider games free at Epic Games Store

Starting today, Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Rise of the Tomb Raider are free at Epic Games Store. The free game offers run until January 6 at 11 AM Eastern. Once you claim them, they’re yours to keep.

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CrimsonWing69146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

They're all solid games, but nothing quite matched the epicness of the first one for me. I think the 3rd one started off strong but once you got to that Peruvian area it took a massive nose dive for me.

lelo2play146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

You got to be kidding!
The first one was great at the time... but this latest trilogy of Tomb Raider games are also great.

LiViNgLeGaCY146d ago

I think he means the first one in the new trilogy.

CrimsonWing69146d ago

I meant the first of the new trilogy.

Furesis146d ago

yeah i remember liking the first one when it came out, so i tried the second one sometime after release and i just could not get into it, i couldn't finish it. So i might try the 3rd now that i got it for free but ehh. But i do remember enjoying the first one, i wonder if i'd feel the same way if i played it today? Better not taint those memories lol

ANIALATOR136146d ago

I was the same for some reason. Never finished the second one. I got like half way through maybe.

ActualWhiteMan145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

The first one of the latest trilogy is a masterpiece

Fishy Fingers146d ago

I'll take a copy of Shadow... Cheers.

Profchaos146d ago

Great games I've played them all on ps4 but it'll be good to finally try shadow on my rtx card.

Double_O_Revan146d ago

Trying to claim them and the store keeps crashing. lol.

gamefreaks365146d ago

EGS has been having issues all day.

RedDevils146d ago

Weird I don't has that issue.

Double_O_Revan146d ago

I finally got it after a while. But it was real bad for a while.

PeeShuter146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Claim games by going to the website and login using ur credentials. I did the same as i couldnt use epic launcher. Also try reinstalling Epic Launcher I did it and it worked.

Double_O_Revan146d ago

I always go through the website. It was all just down for a while yesterday it seems.

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