R. Mika’s Infamous Buttslap Returns Thanks to Mods

A modder has brought back R.Mika's censored buttslap in Street Fighter V.

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Yi-Long3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Good news for PC players, but I want to play this on PS4, and of course it never should have been self-censored/taken out in the first place...

TFJWM3068d ago

Should have spent less time taking out the butt slap and boob physics and added more modes...

Darkfist3068d ago

who needs modes when you can just look at that booty slap, nude mode is next

3068d ago
DivineAssault 3068d ago

PC elite players get all kinds of mods.. All the ladies will be fully nude in no time

iceman6003068d ago Show
Kyosuke_Sanada3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Butt slaps are a no-no. Revealing alternate costumes with underboob 👌

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Street Fighter 5: Analysing a Tarnished Legacy

Street Fighter 5 launched in 2016, and is widely considered a misstep for the hugely popular franchise. This article explains why that is.

Terry_B196d ago

Every Street Fighter is called a misstep of the series since Street Fighter III..and even the Alpha games were not liked by everyone.

SF V had a miserable start but later it did a lot things actually better than SFIV and SF6.

SF6 is the first SF since SFII Turbo for that I did not buy at launch. And today, around 6 months after its launch I still have no motivation to buy it.

kevco33195d ago

I've had every Street Fighter on launch since SFII on the SNES. SFV is definitely my least played of them all.

SF6 is very good. You should give it a second look.

Terry_B195d ago

Maybe in 2-3 years when there is a version that has characters I care for.

So far there is not one of the new characters I like..and my favourite 4 are not a part of it either. (Bison, Balrog, Sagat and Vega) + the whole hip hop style and the crappy music turned me totally off.

Looking forward a lot to Tekken 8.

Sano24195d ago

SF4 vanilla was loved by most and and not considered a misstep. It wasn't until they went revision crazy that people started turning on Capcom.

Terry_B195d ago

Don't remember the criticques it got for the big hands and feet, the sometimes weird looking faces, the lame boss (Seth) and that so many characters were shotos and yup..the many new versions. Just every SF got its haters no matter how good it was.

Nerdmaster194d ago

It was criticized for the first trailers having an interesting art style with those ink splashes, but the real game had none of that and people felt cheated. And Capcom decided to add some of those effects in the game later because of the backlash. But I don't remember any other big complaints about it.

EvertonFC195d ago

I grew out of fighting games, loved them as a kid but online you just get your ass kicked over and over leaving just the bare bones single player and also having no friends anymore who like fighting games either just makes me not want to buy or play them anymore.

CrimsonWing69195d ago

I dunno, I like Street Fighter 5 quite a bit. 🤷‍♂️

Shiro173194d ago

Sf6 is the best sf since sf4ae lol

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Street Fighter documentary 'Here Comes a New Challenger' is now available for all, following a successful crowd funding campaign.


The Best Street Fighter Games, Ranked

By Jason Monroe: Join me as I rank the best Street Fighter games of all time, taking into account their impact on the genre, gameplay mechanics, character rosters, and overall fun factor. Let’s get into it…

Round One: FIGHT!!

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