Seeing my Ex-COM: how XCOM 2 broke my heart by being a PC exclusive

Joe from GamersFTW writes "XCOM 2, you look great. You’ve changed a lot since XCOM: Enemy Unknown in 2012, and even more since XCOM: Enemy Unknown in 1994. You’re looking prettier and acting smarter than ever; your additional features are beyond what anyone expected from you. Combining battlefield tactics with base management, you’re proving to be one of the best mixtures of management simulation and tactical strategy for some time, and some people are already saying that you’re one of the greatest strategy games ever created."

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c00lvilKid691997d ago

We can relax - might have to wait but a console port will be inevitable.

1997d ago
WellyUK1997d ago

The first one was as well for a year or 2, Probably be the same here but don't worry at least you know your going to get a great game as I personally like it more than the first.

Jivesh1997d ago

This'll come to consoles eventually

TrailerParkBoys1997d ago

Not the the point. Point is the first Xcom was such a huge success thanks to being released on consoles. Just rude to not have a simultaneous release

gif1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

BS..Its sell way better on PC than Console.

Mariusmssj1997d ago

I don't think you got that quite right. It was a huge success one the PC and did quite poorly on the consoles.

akurtz1997d ago

well it did run horribly on consoles and they never patched it ;/

Ashistheking1997d ago

absolutely gutted this is a PC exclusive lets hope it does well enough to warrant a console release.

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The story is too old to be commented.