I Really Want GTA 6 To Borrow These Features From GTA: San Andreas

Hannan from eXputer: "GTA San Andreas was released close to 2 decades ago but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have features that I want to see in the upcoming GTA 6."

badboyz0914d ago

Bully2,ManHunt3,MidnightClub5, LA Noire 2

we will never see these games again

VenomUK14d ago

I really want GTA: VI to borrow these features from Skyrim: magical swords, statistics that you can level up, the Thieve's Guild, stores where you can buy and sell items references to an arrow in the knee and... Belethor.

Knightofelemia14d ago

I would kill for an LA Noire 2 of course I would also kill if Valve made L4D3 as well.

Knightofelemia14d ago

I want to be able to port my GTA V character to GTA 6 and having the character involved in the story would be great.

bloop14d ago

I just want it to be a classic GTA experience. That's not asking a lot, but I doubt we'll get it.


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gold_drake26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

blasphemous 1 for me.

i love the artstyle and how they didnt shy away from their imagery

but symphony of the night is also superb

DarXyde26d ago

SotN and Blasphemous are phenomenal.

RiseNShine26d ago

GBA Metroids and Castlevanias are up there with anything else imho.

jznrpg26d ago

Catlevanias GBA and DS games are the best! But there others that I like a lot such as Hollow Knight, Chasm etc

BrockEmSockEm26d ago

As much as I want Silksong, adding it to the BEST is a little premature. It's not even out yet.

Guybrush26d ago

this article seems like it was written by an artificial intelligence.