Peter Molyneux: "It was tempting to retire…"

After his self-imposed press exile, Peter Molyneux returns in an exclusive Eurogamer interview.

Peter Molyneux has changed. He's a new man with a new plan, after what he tells me was the most difficult year of his career.

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JayPi32059d ago

Oh great more over promising.

Vhampir2059d ago

As I recall, he said he wasn't doing anymore interviews. I guess he hasn't changed at all.

Mikefizzled2059d ago

To be fair, this is actually called for. Someone got onto his Twitter account and announced several rash decisions (including him retiring). After over a thousand retweets and several sites pushing stories, it's reasonable for him to come and clear this up.

Gezmoyassine2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Please give in to temptation then.

MetroidFREAK212059d ago

Someone shut this guy up...

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