Lucasarts Adventure Games, Ranked

Kicking off in 1986, Lucasarts presided over an era (running until around the year 2000) in which they were the adventure game Kings, releasing a string of titles that remain all-time classics even decades later.

Their games were made famous for their innovative use of a graphic interface based on mouse clicks (previous adventure games, including those from competitor Sierra, relied on cumbersome text input), but have endured in people’s hearts thanks to timeless pixel art and—rare for video games—a genuine sense of humour.

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uth111528d ago

I'd put "Sam and Max" higher than "Day of the Tentacle" personally, but good list!

MWH1528d ago

some of gaming's greatest experiences.

1nsomniac1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Great list, possibly even agree with the order of them too. Although I never played Fate of Atlantis so I'm skipping that one.