5 Confirmed Nintendo Games that Could Save the Wii U Before NX

Nintendo games has hit a home run in this console generation. With big games like Super Mario Maker and more on the way, the Wii U isn’t as hated as some gamers like to think.

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DirtyPete1528d ago

I am worried Zelda Wii U will be a NX launch title. I will feel robbed as a Nintendo fan if that were to happen. Also glad to see love for Star Fox this year especially on Wii U instead of just 3DS.

Yi-Long1528d ago

As a Nintendo-fan, obviously you would want the NX to be a big success, and Zelda as a launch-title would obviously help accomplish that.

Ever since they announced Zelda WiiU, I just had a feeling it might slip into next-gen, and would end-up as a dual-gen release, like Twilight Princess on Cube/Wii.

There were really 2 WiiU games that would have seduced me into buying a WiiU; Xenoblade X, and Zelda WiiU. Those were THE big ganes I was interested in these past few years, since they were announced.

Considering they released Xenoblade X without the Japanese voices, which made me lose interest, I would be perfectly happy seeing Zelda 'WiiU' also release on NX.

wonderfulmonkeyman1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Their release habits with Zelda titles points to them not releasing it on NX as a launch title, though.

Follow along with me on this one:

The NES obviously had Zelda 1 and 2, and the SNES had ALTTP.

Then we jump to the N64, and it got OoT and MM.

THEN, we jump to the GC, and the pattern changes slightly; the system gets an original Zelda, Wind Waker, and a collector's edition re-release of OoT that included the Master Quest edition in addition to a re-release of Majora's Mask all on one disk, ON TOP of Twilight Princess, which becomes a dual release for two separate consoles, the GC and the Wii.

THEN, before the Wii's cycle ends and goes into the Wii U, we get Skyward Sword, the Wii's mandatory exclusive Zelda, leaving the Wii's count of main-line Zelda titles at one exclusive and one multiconsole.

Now we come to the Wii U, and it has already had its cross-platform Zelda, in the form of Wind Waker HD, and it is about to get Twilight Princess HD.

See the pattern?
At least one exclusive Zelda per console, alongside multiconsole re-releases, with the exception of the Wii U, which is due to see Zelda U release this year.

The only thing that the Wii U has not gotten, is its own exclusive Zelda.

It's due for it, as I said above, and I'm betting it will remain exclusive to the Wii U for at least the first year or two of the NX's life, re-releasing in the NX's third year as a remaster, to celebrate the run-up to the NX's own exclusive built-from-the-ground-up Zelda title.

It might sound distressing to not be able to play Zelda U as an NX launch title [which you might be able to do, anyways, if the NX is backwards-compatible], but think about it this way;

When Nintendo releases a huge-name game like that for a launch, do you know what typically happens to other games?
They get overshadowed.

Not having Zelda straight off could be an OPPORTUNITY.
One specifically made for THIRD PARTIES.
>IF<, they can get things done RIGHT this time, instead of making lack-luster ports.

rjason121528d ago

Totally agree, every Nintendo console has had at least one exclusive Zelda main game, the Wii U will be no different, though I don't see them rerelease it as a NX game in the future, due to how new it is, they rarely do that, and I can't recall them doing that for any game on any system.

ShinMaster1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

As a Nintendo fan, obviously you're willing to take it...

A lot of people bought a Wii U with the promise of playing a new Zelda game on it and have been waiting for it for years.

The GameCube had 2(two) Zelda games. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, with TP being a cross-platform title.

The Wii U is yet to have a Zelda game of its own.

PhoenixUp1528d ago

There's no title than can save Wii U from being Nintendo's lowest selling console

iplay1up21528d ago

Lowest selling, but great software sales, as the games the system does have are mostly awesome. (Er,cough Amibo Festival.).

Right now still playing Xenoblade X, which I can't say enough good about, my personal GOTY 2015. I also have been playing Guitar Hero Live, online is a blast!

ABizzel11528d ago

The Wii U has the worst software sales of any Nintendo console with just over 70m sold, and nearly 140m behind GC.

And with an average of only 24m, and the reveal of a potential successor it's likely to stay that way.

ABizzel11527d ago

Instead of disagree with me and Nintendo

Go out and buy the good 3rd party games that the Wii U.

Others wise, keep lurking on and lying to yourself and everyone else on forums about having this huge Wii U collection, knowing you only buy 2 - 5 Wii U exclusives each year.

The numbers don't lie, fans or more specifically fanboys do.

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sk8ofmnd1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Agreed, wonderfulmonkeyman's comments neglects the fact the wiiu is nintendos least popular (selling) nintendo console ever conceived.

I would also debate almost every nintendo console has seen a metroid (except n64)... Wheres the wiiu version??? Moved to nx just like many other games thats were most likely meant for the wiiu.

Now if we lived in an alternate universe where the wiiu was selling much better ahead of dare i say it... The ps4... A) the nx wouldnt have even been a rumor to this day and B) Zeldau would have launched last holiday season like initially promised, but thats not the reality. No nintendo console has been talked about on 3 years after a new console.

To think its not going to be on the nx you are either dumb af or severely naive.

Wonderfullmm i cant wait to see what you have to say if the nx gets zelda effectively changing the name of the dumbest (laziest) zelda title ever in zeldau lmao. Might have well called it new legend of zelda with new in italics...

I actually hope zelda skips the wiiu like metroid so all the nintendo faithful can see what true failure the wiiu is...

conanlifts1528d ago

I said similar things to wonderfulmonkey before. I personally think they have been diverting half their first party development capabilities to the nx for at least 2 years.

I also think the nx will launch with a dual release zelda ( if not then an exclusive and it will skip wii u, but this is less likely), metroid and pikmin 4. This will then be quickly followed by mario galaxy.

Azzanation1528d ago

Sales don't matter if your not making money. WiiU is far from killing Nintendo. There software is selling very good so Nintendo is doing well for considering hardware sales.

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-Foxtrot1528d ago

Come on...if Smash Bros didn't "save it" or Mario Kart then what possibly can.

sk8ofmnd1528d ago

Couldnt say it better myself foxtrot.

Voids1528d ago

There is no reason to "save" the Wii U - Wii U content is part of the "nintendo cloud" they talk about and most certainly just like every other system will be backwards compatible if not just digital versions being released.

I get it though, you need blog entries for traffic, but damn.

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