Ten Years of Too Human - A Retrospective

When Too Human comes out this Tuesday, it will mark the end of nearly ten years of development for one of the most beleaguered games of all time. It's in the spirit of giving the game credit for making it this far that we present you with a brief retrospective of Too Human's life, from 1999 to the present

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keanerie3809d ago

what is the most human game lol

Rock Bottom3809d ago

It's coming out this Tuesday and still no reviews?!!

keanerie3809d ago

The GI review is the only domestic one yet - expect the rest tomorrow and the day after. Though I almost would've thought IGN would have one up by now, considering their dealings with Dyack and SK.

Bombibomb3809d ago

What do you mean, still no reviews? Game Informer scored Too Human 6.75/10. Look here if you don't believe me.

The Lazy One3809d ago

If you look around a little there's a review embargo until 2PM on the 19th for general press. IGN is rumored to have rights to do it earlier, and some other might be licensed, but that's what the deal is.

I just figured that out earlier.

rosebowl233809d ago

theyre doing it on purpose so the game will still sell because the reviews are going to be bad

permutated3809d ago

This game hasn't been in development for 10 years, more like 5 or 6. It was scrapped for 2 consoles because Nintendo didn't like it, and they wanted them to work on Eternal Darkness.

Gets your fuken facts straight.

Rock Bottom3809d ago

Why didn't that got approved?!

Bombibomb3809d ago

It was approved. Look at the comments lol. They failed it hours later just 'cause the quality of the scan (or picture) wasn't readable. You could see the score clearly but you can't read what they had to say about the game.

P4KY B3809d ago

It gets better with every play.

I only just found out about balancing on the trolls.

And my beserker got a sword that looked straight out of Final Fantasy, It was about 8 feet long and called something like The Flaming sword of badass.

And the when you use the laser guns to shoot down incoming missiles it looks spectacular.

juuken3809d ago

That's what I'm saying. It only had two reviews so far. ._.

keanerie3809d ago

reviews are coming in, C- 1up

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keanerie3809d ago

I'm thinking like a 62 average on metacritic.

Dark General3809d ago

Mid to high 70's is my guess. But i could be wrong.

tplarkin73809d ago

SK is not as talented as Nintendo fans have said (in the past).

Atomic3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

sadly , the ambition of Denis Dyack was greater than what his team could accomplish , now the right thing for MS to do is to bail out , cancel the sequels and this sordid partnership with SK.

Montrealien3809d ago

wow all that with what? one Review and some previews and that fact that you didn't even play the full game? oh don't tell me, your cat talks to you right? tells you stuff?

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