Xbox Evolved: Battlefield Bad Company Review

Xbox Evolved writes: "First of all let me begin with saying Bad Company is beautiful. When I first (xbox evolved preview goes here) previewed the multiplayer portion back when the beta was out, I was a bit skeptical and hadn't really took to notice what the game truly is. Destruction is this battlefield's worst enemy as it will see a lot. From buildings to trees, they all can be demolished. Sure, everything is not completely destructible but as long as you're equipped with grenade launchers, grenades, and other explosives, it's all good. There's even the ability to have a designated area blown to bits with an airstrike of some sort once, that device is acquired, and it all sounds great…literally! The sound in the game is top notch thanks to the Frostbite engine, delivering high definition audio that is just music to my ears. Shoot a gun in the open, it sounds so realistic; the empty space, echo, it's all just so good, even the explosions."

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