FIFA 09 Better than PES – Hands-On @ Gameplayer

The annual battle between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer looks to be heating up this year with reports coming in from Gameplayer that the mighty PES may have finally been trumped by EA's big-spending FIFA series.

"The brilliant new animation technology extends beyond looking sweet and making the Ronaldos and Rooneys of the world carve it up on-screen like they do on the field. The whole game world feels more alive. Collision detection has been pumped up impressively and is now dynamic, so rather than getting canned 'stacking it' animations when two players collide they will dive heroically in every way imaginable depending on both the players body positions and momentum at the time and the point of collision. This may be in the form of a trip, or a contested header, or even two people shouldering into each other as they chase down a ball. Very impressive stuff."

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SlappingOysters3803d ago

But the last two version, especially the last one, really pi$$ed me off.

I am happy for FIFA to come to the table with a comparative gameplay experience and it seems like they very well might off. Looking forward to seeing some PES previews come out of Leipzig for further comparrison.

sonarus3803d ago

They never said Fifa is better than PES. Lets just wait till Leipzig and see what konami has to offer us

SlappingOysters3803d ago

no, they said it was better that the last PES and that the ball was no in Konami's court.

And they said that PES 3 is still better than any of the last five FIFAs, so saying it is better than last year's title is a big deal

sonarus3803d ago

Not really last yrs PES was complete crap. PES probably won't be shaping up for another year or two. Its nice to hear Fifa is coming up but at the end of the day it still lacks that core gameplay that PES has

La Chance3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I dont see how FIFA can beat PES in gamplay but they sure have passed PES in everything else.
PES is just like a drug , I used to be a FIFA player back in the day but got just one taste of PES and never went back again.

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PopEmUp3803d ago

but I still buy PES if it turn out that they delivered their promised if not screw them

arakouftaian3803d ago

even that PES still on last gen gameplay is way better than fifa but this year for the firt time i may pass n not buy n not play a soccer game for my firt time in over 10 years but i hope next year PES go beyound last gen n make me happy

mariusmal3803d ago

i will always be a PES fan. it is the real football sim. fifa is still too arcade even tough they made some amazing progress. but the last PES version was a slap in the face... master league doesnt even have kit selector, how dumb is that ?

TrooGamer3803d ago

No new PES engine until next year!

Also the they are talking about PES2008 which was a mess

Sheddi3803d ago

I guess Im getting fifa09 this year and pes10 next year, because I hated pes08 engine.

mariusmal3803d ago

what about the gameplay ? i dunno.. i thought that gameplay was the main reason why we play games.

kosha3803d ago

I agree pes2008 was a mess compared to the games before and the slowdown does piss you off but i still play it nearly evey day. For me the gameplay is miles ahead of fifa's but i know alot of my friends would disagree

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