Master Chief Disguised as Samus Aran

SlashGamer writes: Since Halo came out for the Xbox in 2001, I've heard countless times how Master Chief looked oddly similar to Samus Aran. The user deathwind000 from eBay also thought the same. He has a Custom made Halo 3 Spartan action figure from McFarlane toys, but painted like the Samus Aran's Varia Suit.
When anyone sees this action figure, it's really hard to argue that Bungie wasn't in some way influenced by Nintendo's Classic game-Metriod

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monkey6023804d ago

It would have been cool if they had a model of samus painted as Master Chief too. Interesting to see though

Bnet3433803d ago

Anything with a spacesuit looks the same


war340k3803d ago

If you look closely at the suit it clearly enhances, imitates, and enhances the human muscle tissues and fibers :P. Plus, that suit has never been proven to be sufficient for space travel. Was Crysis or Crysis Warhead based in space? Nope. Oh and don't bring a Crysis comparison into this argument....again.....ever.... yeah.....

David Hasselhoff3803d ago

That was such a nerdy comment!

war340k3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

"That was such a nerdy comment!"

The fact that your eye caught this article and is interested it to view it also makes you a nerd :). Besides joining a virtual gaming site sounds pretty geeky to me too sir ;O. So Kudos to you :P.

EDIT: I don't remember David Hasselhoff every being considered awesome.

razorbladelight3802d ago

at proving your point. Sorry Kigmal, not picking at you but the crysis suit, even in your example looks nothing like samus.

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GametimeUK3803d ago

But since I have the chance to mention the 2 of them right here and now I HAVE TO SAY IT!!!



GametimeUK3803d ago

actually it depends...
The winner is whoever I am controlling on SSBB

DRUDOG3803d ago

Although I could give two sh!ts about Halo, that is a cool looking action figure (and I don't even collect 'em).

ElementX3803d ago

Samus is a woman. Master Chief isn't.

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