Report: Halo: Combat Evolved Remaster in Development, Being Considered for PS5

According to insider sources, a Halo Combat Evolved remaster is in development and being considered for launch on PS5.

Rynxie35d ago

So the better version will be on PS5 with VR, haptic feedback, 4k, HDR and so on? Can we ban Xbox owners from buying the PS5 version? Put a requirement to have a psn log in to play it.

andy8535d ago

Tbf considering the Pro will be out you're right. Console wise anyway

BlindMango35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Why do these news websites keep labeling RUMORS as "Report"? Why even have the word "Report" in the title at all? It's like they are faking an announcement to get more clicks

andy8535d ago

Imagine seeing that headline 2 years ago 😂😂


Games That Took An Absolutely Bizzare Turn In Their Narrative

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Inverno10d ago

"INSIDE" was bloody amazing, and I miss Uncharted's sci-fi and paranormal aspects greatly.

TricksterArrow10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

TBH, 3 and 4 still have them, but they are heavily implied, which can be terrifying the more you think about it, but it is admittedly, much less scary and less interesting gameplay-wise than what 1 and 2 have done.

Inverno10d ago

U3 did show the Jinn's "bottle" in the end and the city was pretty f-ing dope. Just a little disappointing that they didn't lean just a bit more on the mythical parts of the series. Uncharted is a world rooted in reality and Drake knowing all these mythical stuff exists could've led into something cool.

porkChop10d ago

I remember being particularly confused by the twist in LA Noire where Cole Phelps is sort of "exposed". If you've played it you know what I'm talking about. It always felt weird and odd because the player is Cole Phelps. How can the player not know about these sorts of things happening with their own character? I felt like it came out of nowhere.

Yui_Suzumiya10d ago

Soma, Doki Doki Literature Club, Saya no Uta

UnbreakableAlex10d ago

Is Twelve Minutes on that list? Because IT HAS TO BE ON THAT LIST!
Don’t spoiler yourself with that humongous twist :D

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Exvalos34d ago

If halo comes then nothing is off limits, whole slate is coming.


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shinoff2183148d ago

I've looked and wished we never did get here.