Microsoft Launching New Xbox One Bundle in Japan With Kinect and Three Games

Microsoft Japan announced today with a press release that the company will launch a new bundle for the local market including an Xbox One, Kinect and three games.

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PhoenixUp1673d ago

Microsoft's continues effort to try and improve the Xbox brand's fortunes in Japan will never cease to amaze me.

KiwiViper851673d ago

what else do you expect Microsoft Japan to do? go on permanent vacation? start promoting ps4?

is a bundle with 3 cheap kinect games... calm down

rainslacker1672d ago

I PS4 with purchase of an X1 may help move consoles in Japan.

KiwiViper851673d ago

I'm quite addicted to zoo tycoon... i like making zoos, and my daughter likes feeding, washing, and playing with the animals. i just wish there was a bigger limit on zoo size, once i have a few exhibits and all the amenities, it's full.

Tobsesan1672d ago

My little sister loves playing this game, she always drives around in that elephant buggy and tries to run people over >.<

KiwiViper851672d ago

The sneaky buggers always teleport at the last second...

Tobsesan1672d ago

Ye i know, she said:

"Brother i think this game is broken, i cant hit them"


RAM0N 1673d ago ShowReplies(5)
StormLegend1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

I don't know why they keep trying.
If the PS4 can barley do good in japan, then what makes you think the XB1 will?

MegaRay1673d ago

DX 12 gonna help for sure /s

andresegr1673d ago

The Xbox One is selling less than a thousand units in Japan per week.

They should seriously reconsider whatever they are doing there.

This crappy bundle wont help.

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