Bag Yourself an Extra Free Game With Gold

Absolute Xbox: This month’s Games With Gold are pretty good, what with Assassin’s Creed III (haters gonna hate) and Watch Dogs leading the pack, but you can add another one to the list by being a bit of a sneaky sneak.

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conanlifts512d ago

I have done this once before when they swapped a game out in Australia as the free title on offer had not been submitted and released here. Will have to grab this. Thanks.

mark_parch512d ago

i wondered how i ended up with this game my friend who i game share with must have allreday figured this out

jmetalhead77812512d ago

Just downloaded it. Thanks! I can't read Japanese, but just kept hitting the blue button. Lol

conanlifts512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

?? Its in english, if you are seriously getting it in japapanes something is wrong. I have it on at the moment.

jmetalhead77812512d ago

I meant the the Japanese website, not the game. Not sure if that's what you mean.

conanlifts512d ago

No, i just randomly misunderstood your comment.

Mulando512d ago

Already grabbed it. Nice game btw. Playing with the controller. A bit to complicated for my kids but my wife and I love it :)

InKnight7s512d ago

I thought they cut priced the best console ever.
Oh sorry I didn't know its didnt release yet although almost 2 years of rumours and news about it.

EmperorDalek512d ago

What? This is games with gold ya troll. Your two sentences weren't even about the same thing