Remastered Family Games for Xbox One X, Xbox One and Windows 10 Get First 4K screenshots and Details

Microsoft shares screenshots, pricing and details of the remasters of Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection, Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure and Disneyland Adventures.

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423d ago
TheUndertaker85423d ago

It's good to see Kinect titles getting a little love. I keep hoping Kinect titles or features from Xbox 360 will go to Xbox One Kinect as well.

Juiceid423d ago

They need to remaster Kinect Star Wars!

darthv72423d ago

Leia dancing in 4k ftw!!!

jlove4life423d ago

Hmmm 4k checkerboard horizon zero dawn or full 4k forza and disney games

ONESHOTV2423d ago

I don't know maybe the one I enjoy the most or want to play but since I haven't bought the horizon yet then I guess it's out of the picture another thing I don't play action games at 30 frames below my standards.

yeahokwhatever423d ago

with my computer, I have over 2 xb1x's worth of power under the hood AND access to all of their latest content. Xb1x seems completely pointless. This is coming from someone with a PS4Pro.

ONESHOTV2423d ago

yeahokwhatever---- the xone wasn't meant for me and you it's for those people that can't afford to invest in a PC because they don't have the knowledge to know that they can create a PC that doesn't cost much money. both consoles xone and PS4 is meant, kids and adults with more than one kids in their house because they know more than one child can play and get the same entertainment without breaking the bank. I'm an adult with a high paying job so I can invest in a gaming PC and a console but how many people do you think can do the same. there are PCs in almost everyone house throughout the world but they are mostly meant for productive use such as school work and many other things but it doesn't mean that they can't turn it into a gaming PC that's where knowledge comes in everyone in the world is different some are bright and some aren't, and I think many console owners are on the not so bright side but still they can change.

yeahokwhatever423d ago

because if there's one thing small children really care about, its 4k.