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5 2016 Games that we shouldn’t get too excited about

Joe from GamersFTW writes about 5 games set to be released in 2016 that may have a little bit much hype surrounding them.

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Community3088d ago
DarkOcelet3088d ago

"Ultimately, the story feels like a framework for a more open world focused Hitman game. In a manner that’s quite unfashionable for a AAA title, IO Interactive have stated that the game won’t have a season pass for additional content, as they believe that this is the “wrong approach.” A lot of people would agree with this sentiment, and then we see the preorder plan for Hitman."

If you are playing Hitman for the story then you are playing it wrong. You are making your own story by choosing how and when you take your targets. I really think this game is gonna be great and will go back to Hitman roots. I am just not too thrilled about the episodic stuff.

"Quantum Break looks generic in every sense of the word; the gameplay looks like every single uninspired third person shooter over the past decade; the story sounds like a TV drama that you’d find on late at night on SyFy right after what Sharknado film we’re up to now; even the title is pretty generic, taking a word that thrown around by scientists a lot and then just an action word on the end of it. Look, I can do that right now: Atom Jump. Try it yourself."

And that is where i really stopped taking this writer of the article serious. I really hate when people judge a game without trying it.

c00lvilKid693088d ago

"I really think this game is gonna be great and will go back to Hitman roots. I am just not too thrilled about the episodic stuff."

"I really hate when people judge a game without trying it."


DarkOcelet3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

There is a difference between thinking that it might be great and saying this game is great.

The author says Quantum Break looks generic and uninspired but how can he say that when he havent played the game?

c00lvilKid693088d ago

There is a difference between saying it looks generic and uninspired and saying the game game is generic and uninspired.

Bdub20003088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

So this author has a personal preference on video games, and displaces that on to how all gamers should feel about upcoming games?

Cool,you aren't excited for a few games for petty reasons. No need to write a pointless article about it. A lot of people are excited about those games for the very reasons you listed they shouldn't be.

"Quantum Break... Even the title is generic..." the poor journalism lost me right there.

NovaCorps3087d ago

what lol he is absolutely right about quantum break
that game brings nothing new to the genre

lastking953087d ago

You can say that about every 3rd person shooter. It doesn't need to bring anything new. As long as gamplay and story is good it'll be a hit.

The 10th Rider3087d ago

You could say the same about Uncharted 4, Bloodbourne, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc... However, just because a game doesn't seem to bring a lot of new stuff to the table doesn't make it a bad game. The Last of Us is hardly known for innovation, yet stands as one of the best games of last gen. We trust Mario Kart entries, Smash Bros entries, Gears of War, Halo, Uncharted, and many other series will be good games because of the track record of the series and the developers. Remedy has made some good games in the past and they like to take their time and make sure their game is good. I don't even own an XBox One and I still think it'll be a cool game.

XanderZane3087d ago

Yeah article creator is clueless. Yeah he has an opinion, but most gamers won't agree with most of the crap he wrote. The only games on the list that I'm not all that overly excited about are Dead Island 2 and The Last Guardian. I was never a big fan of the first Dead Island, so I'm not all that pumped to play the sequel. The Last Guardian demo that was shown at the E3 just bored me. I'm sure there's a lot more to the game, but it's simple slow puzzle gameplay just had me scratching my head. I was looking for a bit more action and excitement.

jambola3085d ago

So the writer is clueless and what he wrote is crap because you disagree? makes sense to me....................

XanderZane3085d ago

I'm not the only one who disagrees about this article. Read everyone else's comments. Some of the games he listed really haven't been hyped to begin with. So why even have them on the list. Who is hyped for Hitman? The game was just recently announced I thought.

MrsNesbitt3088d ago

I don't think Dead Island 2 has that much hype surrounding it. It was an OK title. Dying Light has blown them out of the zombie cesspool! It will be interesting to see if Dead Island emulates Dying Light...

alexgibson3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

How can you not hype Last Guardian? Its been resurrected from the dead!

No Man's Sky will be VR compatible and will be a launch title for PS VR so I'm confident it's going to be awesome.

Rest of them agreed but not sure Dead Island is a 2016 game :p

Free_Fro3088d ago

I would apply this to almost any game to be honest..

Especially the new ips..

temper your expectations.. you can either be blown away or not disappointed.

Relientk773088d ago

Agree with Dead Island 2. You can add the new Homefront game too