Is Final Fantasy VIII Really Bad?

AGW writes: Some people might crucify me for saying this, but I believe Final Fantasy VIII is definitely one of the better Final Fantasy games overall. Sure, it isn’t the best one out there, and you might argue it’s the worst one on the PS1, but it’s definitely an extremely good game.

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camel_toad1025d ago

Yep it was frickun great.

Bansai1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

From PSX era not as good as IX and VII imo, but it was still pretty great, I had a major gripe with magic system but that's pretty much it.

indyman77771025d ago

I'm buy a upgraded graphics version of it in a second!

Gamer4News1025d ago

I liked it more the VII. VII was too depressing.

-Foxtrot1025d ago

Better then 7 in my opinion. Improved in most things.

Hellsvacancy1025d ago

It was my first FF game, holds a very high place in my heart

breakpad1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

i said it again ..if the Squall rumor is true then its the best FF plot in the series...also its visuals are far more appealing than many of its sequels

-Foxtrot1025d ago


I'd rather go with the Rinoa/Ultimecia thing. Despite them saying it's not true it does make sense and would be pretty poetic. The "happy ending" which actually is the start of worse things to come.

Adrian_v011025d ago

They should've went with the Rinoa=Ultimecia theory though. That would be an awesome story. Don't know why they outright denied it. Could have at least left it open to interpretation.

-Foxtrot1025d ago

You never know. If one day they ever want a direct sequel that would be a perfect thing to focus on.

How do you stop a future you know has to happen

They've dealt with time travel why not the multieverse theory and different timelines.

Not to mention since Edea, Adel and in ways Rinoa almost caused destruction in the world I could easily see a sequel dealing with a modern styled "witch hunt". Those who believe Sorceress need to be killed as they pose a threat.

Rai1025d ago

Its my favorite FF so not to me

chadwarden1025d ago

Who knows? Final fantasy fans seem to hate everything.

Bahamut1025d ago

Not all of us.

I - V are great games,
VI - X are masterpieces,
X-2 was garbage
XI is a good MMO,
XII is a good RPG (didn't feel much like Final Fantasy though)

XIII and all of its sequels were absolute garbage and abominations, and an insult to videogames.

XIV is one of the best MMORPGS of all time
And we'll see about XV...

VerdicLinwe1025d ago

I would disagree on X... I think its exactly what inspired XIII and made things worse from the word go. VIII the Magic System (AND THE JUNCTION) were grossly poor. It necessitated a level of grinding that the Materia system could never match just to have basic magic in your inventory.

chadwarden1025d ago

XIII and it's sequels weren't even close to being garbage. I know it's a fad and "cool" to hate on XIII but in reality, they were good games.

Teflon021025d ago

chadwarden & VerdicLinwe
Glad you said the things I agree on and was about to say lol.
FFXIII was a good series
FFX and FFVIII are not masterpieces imo, and FFVIII should not be considered one with the horrible Junction system lol

Bahamut1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )


No, I ignore fads. I played XIII, and even made it to the end. It was an ultra-linear pile of garbage, with 0 noteworthy character depth. Lightning was just a ripoff of Cloud, everybody else was either whiny or annoying. Even the leveling system was linear, giving you little options in the way of customization.

It was bad, very bad. Even when the game opened up at the end, it still wasn't enough to save the game because its story had already fallen flat on its face. Terrible game.

BUT the combat was surprisingly OK.

I even went back and tried XIII-2, because I've played all FF games, I can give them another shot right? Even worse, the time crap just killed it immediately.

To be fair, I never tried Lightning Returns, because I figured if they couldn't do it twice, the third time can't be much better.

So to be clear, I don't do fads, I form opinions and make decisions based on my own reasons, thank you very much. I hated XIII, it sucked.

chadwarden1025d ago

Assuming Cloud was a unique character because there's never been another arrogant and pompous swordsman before his time. He was also whiny and annoying(not saying there weren't annoying FF13 characters)

And FFX is also linear yet it is a masterpiece? Seems legit.

alti1025d ago

So basically u started hating them after the Enix merger lol

Bahamut1024d ago


YES! lol

Losing Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu was also detrimental to their future success.

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mezati991025d ago

Lol FF8 is nowhere near bad

VerdicLinwe1025d ago

Yeah because I love mashing "Draw" a thousand times to stock magic for a fight.

Becuzisaid1025d ago

You only need to do this one at the beginning of the game to set up your most basic junctions for HP and STR, then just use GF skills to refine magic from items or lesser magic. By the time I left Balamb Garden to head for Timber I never had to draw magic again except to get certain GF from bosses. Total time spent drawing was maybe an hour of grinding total.

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silkrevolver1021d ago

You do know it wasn't just to use for spells, right?

Scrivlar1025d ago

Do people think it's bad??..I loved it. 7 & 8 are my favourites.

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