Tales of Vesperia Is Xbox 360's Fastest Selling Game In Japan

Kotaku: Sure, Namco Bandai's latest Tales RPG had to settle for a fourth place finish, but it faced strong competition. Phantasy Star Portable, with its Monster Hunter Portable-like appeal, still holds down the number one spot, with the newest Fire Emblem and Rhythm Tengoku Gold placing and showing, respectively, with well over one hundred thousand units sold. Tales of Vesperia's 100K-plus debut week is certainly going to move some Xbox 360s in Japan, as gamers there were lining up en masse to secure the 360 exclusive RPG.

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Zerodin3716d ago

Hold that thought while I go get my 90s techno mixtape, so with which I can fvck you in the face!

nieto3716d ago

it's a Tales series game. everybody was expecting this...
on top of that this it's like the first time since the x360 launch that the console it's selling well.

really do you even know what you're talking about? it seems that you just write the first thing that comes to your mind.

juuken3716d ago

...Why are you such an immature little douchebag?

This was *expected*. While Microsoft deserves credit for moving some consoles, after this game finishes it's run...they will go back down again. It's not like they have rpg's every month or something.

solidjun53716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I mean you're getting a hard-on on this, when you already knew this was expected due to "Tales" games being popular. Like I said, you're something.

Pain3715d ago

Xbox sells some in japan and the kids get all wet.

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3716d ago Replies(14)

You sad, sad little boy, what about the ps3's success in Japan? Microsoft are NOT wanted in Japan you freak, they can see them for what they are... IDIOTS.

TheMART3716d ago

You mean the Wii succes, right? The PS3 is back at selling below 10k a week. What did it sell in Japan, 1.5 mln. or 2 mln. by now? The 360 might just be on what 700k, but the Wii is the real winner here

doshey3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

lets see mart u got that from vgcharts when sony is phasing out there system so dont even try to pull this crap

only thing im agreeing with u is on the wii part

XxZxX3716d ago

lol, themarts, even though Wii is the real winner, PS3 still kicking XBOX 360 ass. XBOX King?? more like XBOX the last loser to me.

Saint Sony3716d ago

Of course Wii wins, even PS3 owners agree on that. Tell us something new.

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I doubt that this is enough for Japan to suddenly start buying thousands of xbox's, but credit to MS for getting on the ladder in Japan.

FordGTGuy3716d ago

sold 24,000 in Japan the week of the launch of Tales of Vesperia.

mesh13716d ago

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Common Sense3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

People saw this cool game and bought it and then rushed home only to find out they don't even have a 360.

*Two days later* 75k copies returned.

Apparently you missed "jk", which stands for Just kidding.
You, sir, are an idiot. My comment is obviously meant as a joke and if you can't see that, you take things too seriously and you need to go watch a LBP video.

militant073716d ago

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iamtehpwn3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I fail.
I didn't see the jk. =[

militant073715d ago

your fraky idiot
i now its joke
but your doing this everytime you post, and do you think that no one read your post in open zone.
its like say anything you want and at end type "JK"
your really IDIOT

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