The Bad Robots of Too Human

Too Human's villains showcased in some new screens from the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive.

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NewSchoolGamer3719d ago

awesome could've been a bit more unique.


Nothing compared to the brute in Resistance 2, don't deny it xbots.

Zerodin3718d ago

You mean the game that's a sequel to that game that failed to kill Gears?

socomnick3718d ago

dude nobody knows wtf a brute is in gears. You say brute and everyone assumes its the halo enemy. Because you know Halo is way bigger than resistance.

cervantes993718d ago

Why are you trying to irritate people? I have no love for Too Human, but I am not going to rain on the parade of those who are looking forward to it.

Everybody likes different games for different reasons and comparing enemies from totally different games is stupid. yeah the Leviathon looks cool in Resistance and I can't wait to play that game. I also can't wait to ride a Brumak (sp?) in Gears.

Ali_The_Brit3718d ago

it wasnt SUPPOSED to kill gears you idiot

cant anyone release a game without it suddenly been thrown into the nasty fanboy war and suddenly *trying* to kill another game even when its not?


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i wasn't talking about Gears, thats the only game xbots have to talk about though, and even that sucks. Too Human=MASSIVE FAILURE. Resistance 2=MASSIVE SUCCESS


I was talking about the huge boss in Resistance 2, and can you stop talking about Halo please, i'm getting bored of it :)

green3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Well... not really....Because we know the Brute's as the bad as* enemies in Halo 2 and 3.

And if you don't want to here anything about Halo, then i will advise you not to comment on a 360 thread.

Gears and Halo FTW.

EDIT: speaking of HALO and Brute's, do you like the BRUTE GUN?I think the BRUTE GUN in HALO 3 multiplayer is kind of lame.I prefer the standard machine gun in HALO.ALso love the needler in HALO.

Damn HALO rocks.Especially HALO multiplayer.

Mausenheimmer3718d ago

I was unaware that Too Human was directly competing with Resistance 2. Ya know, since one is an Action RPG and the other is an FPS. And one is being released in August and the other in November. And one is a new IP and the other is a sequel.

Really, you could argue that these titles are, in fact, nothing alike and that mutual success is not only possible but also quite likely.

Killjoy30003718d ago

Ahem, that would e the 300ft Leviathan that Ted Price gets a hard-on for. Hell, I'd grow a fondness to it myself if it was in my own game. But we all know it makes Queefy's brumak looks like sh1t, so lets stop trying to hide away from that fact.

doshey3718d ago

please these things cant touch the 300ft monster in resistance 2 but i wont lie some of those look sweet

Mausenheimmer3718d ago

Seriously, quit comparing the two games. Other than the fact that they both have enemies, they're really nothing alike.

doshey3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

i wasnt trying to im just say it dont have nothing on the 300ft monster sh!t no game has anything on that boss

at 5 same here but people are just jumping to conclusions think thats what were doing

morganfell3718d ago

That's a fact doshey. And Resistance delivers on actually being able to tackle what you see in the video rather having to explain to you later you really don't get to fight said character.

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The story is too old to be commented.