What keeps modders modding? - The story of SureAI, the team rebuilding Skyrim for free

In 2006, the Bethesda Games Studios team that brought fantasy RPG The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion to life comprised over 300 people. In 2013, in an interview prior to the launch of Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft managing director Pauline Jacquey said that a typical open world action game requires between 400 and 600 staff to make it happen. In 2012, Warren Spector claimed "over 700 people around the world" were working on his then upcoming project Epic Mickey 2. Big games require big studios, it seems.

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OhMyGandhi1130d ago

What keeps modders modding?
They do it because they love it, and it looks nice in a portfolio and on a resume.

Roccetarius1130d ago

Well, not so long ago, we saw some modders doing it for the money they could make.

Other modders do it for a variety of reasons, such as having the spare time and passion for it.

MicrosoftMackin1129d ago

Because they enjoy gaming and want to contribute to it as well and show off to the game developers, for instance with Fallout 4 there is a mod which has better environment textures and it improves the performance of the game lol